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You Can't Always Trust Your Doctor & The Three Things To Do


Are like God

Or so I thought until I was around 40

When the information age started to open

When I noticed how sick my body felt

When I took over-the-counter drugs

Or drank a few sips of alcohol

(we're talking seizures)

I discovered that I'm missing an enzyme (a Japanese trait)

That breaks down drugs, so they're like poison to my body

And I started to question and learn

About healthcare, about natural cures

So that when I got sick

I wouldn't get sicker from taking western medication

I also know from experience

That doctors don't always know everything

The exact perfect cure



My sister was 9

She had intense stomach pain

Our doctor sent her to the hospital

And was ready to operate in a few hours

Then she went to the bathroom (#2)

And the pain was gone


I was 13

And had sharp pains in my stomach

I was sent to the hospital for x-rays

They found nothing so our doctor decided to operate that evening

And invited his son to observe since his son hoped to attend medical school

During surgery he discovered that I had swollen glands

Which could have be resolved with an antibiotic

The incision length was from hip bone to hip bone

My appendix was also taken out


My mom was in her 40's

A pap smear result was possibly irregular

Our doctor operated and gave her a full hysterectomy

He took everything out without giving her options

And without giving her a second test

Even though the first test was not conclusive


I had breast implant surgery

The doctor never mentioned that this is a surgery that will need to be repeated

And that there's a chance of health issues

Around 10 years later, I was having major health issues

Which I wrote a story about

this is the story (releasing the boobs in Mexico!)

(This story has saved/cured one person's health that I'm aware of)


My mom has macular degeneration in her eyes

For 8 years she was taking two expensive eye drops

Recently her eye doctor wasn't available

The new doctor questioned the drops she was taking

One drop is for inflammation after surgery, the other is for glaucoma

My mom doesn't have glaucoma

The new doctor also told her the reason she can't see very well in the last year

Is because she needs cataract surgery

She had cataract surgery and can now sew and read again


You may have a very good doctor, even the best.

Yet still, do these three things:


Always get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th opinion

Especially in regard to surgery or strong medication with side effects

If you're doctor really is that good,

He/she will understand the importance of getting other opinions


Conduct your own research from reputable sources


Trust your instincts

We all have instincts

Listen to your body

I learned a few decades ago, that our body knows ALL answers

To anything, everything

It's very simple

All we have to do is ask

At first I thought that was strange, and tried it anyway

It absolutely works

Stand straight, with legs hip width

Cross your hands over your chest

Close your Eyes

Ask that your ego leave

Then ask a question or make a statement

First say a name that isn't your name

If you feel a pull of your legs/body backward, the answer is 'no'

Then say your real name

And feel the pull of your legs/body, which will be the opposite direction

That will be your 'yes' direction

Practice this with simple questions

Simple statements

Until it becomes normal for you to remember to ask

It works, and the more you do it

The more amazed and in-sync

With your soul and universe you'll be

Larleen's thoughts about doctors

Have a question about the body test or anything above?

Send me a note, CLICK HERE

And be sure to share this information

With anyone you know that would be interested

Journey to the Unique Magical *Sacred You*

xo Kathleen Naomi


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