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kathleen naomi

spiritual geisha

life is easy when you're 'you'
It took 60 years
My journey began in a small rural town in the midwest. As a young girl I was frightened of everything and was ridiculed as the only Japanese-American, yet somewhere deep inside I was aware of intuition and strength, a butterfly in a cocoon. When I was voted Homecoming Queen in H.S., I knew the tides were turning, but asked, 'why don't I feel that I deserve it?' - At that moment, it became my life quest to break out of the cocoon. 
By 2001, after years of chipping away at the outer shell with self study and intuitive life-changing decisions, half of my butterfly was free. That was also the year I started spirituality study. In 2021, spirits started giving me messages for loved ones, and my butterfly finally flew free. By January 2023, it was crystal clear that this almost 60-year life journey was to help others release their butterfly.
And this is how I help others, become their   butterfly

*  Psychic Medium
*  Spiritual Guide and Healer
*  Storyteller
*  Business Owner in Mexico
Meet Larleen, my favorite character to play.

You'll see her in the Stories.

For the nitty gritty of how I became a Psychic Medium
Featured on The Puerto Vallarta Travel Show, Expat Entrepreneurs in Mexico, Incanto Vallarta, and House Hunters International "living the sweet life in Puerto Vallarta" 
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