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Becoming a Psychic Medium . Chapter 1 - childhood

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i would be a Psychic Medium

I didn't know what a psychic was until I was forty years old

Authentic psychics

Sure as a child I saw those television ads...

'Call 1-800-psychic-hotline now'

Which portrayed psychics as a hoax

Maybe they were real

Probably not

In my forties I was introduced to a friend of a friend

She's an authentic psychic and was in Chicago

She didn't advertise

All her clients found her by word of mouth

I had a few readings with her and was fascinated

A medium - no clue what this was

Until l I saw John Edwards or the Long Island Medium on television

And then there was that movie 'Sixth Sense'

'I see dead people'

That movie was scary as hell

No way did I want to see dead people

So as you can see

Never in a million years did I expect or want to see dead people

Kathleen Naomi, childhood


I look back

Looking for clues

I've been reading every book I can get my hands on about mediums

Many have had strong spirit experiences as a child

Not so much for me

Though there were a few occasions...

When I was a small child

I was scared to death of everything and everyone

The one thing I wasn't scared of:

My mom

I clung to her for dear life

A psychic recently told me that I was scared of everything because of an accident that I had before I was one -

I fell down a flight of steps in my stroller

That makes sense

My sensitivity has always been extremely high

To foods, noise, energy - other people's energy

Which I learned recently is empathic... being open to others energy

Being sensitive to many things

If you're empathic

Learn to protect yourself

It's actually easy

It's a necessity

Life is much more comforting and empowering when you learn this

(For tips about protection, comment below or send me an email on the contact page)


At around three or four years old

Was the first time I remember

Feeling that I wasn't here

Physically here on this earth

That I wasn't in my body

I could 'see and hear'

Yet I felt that I was somewhere else

And I didn't know where I was

And struggled to be here

That scared the bejeebees out of me

I remember crying about it

Mom would rub my back and comfort me

That feeling never went away

I still feel it on occasion

And in my head I tell myself that I'm here

And ground myself to the earth

Why do I have this feeling?

I'm not sure

Maybe it's my openness to other dimensions

Or my soul wants to go somewhere else

Or a part of my soul is somewhere else

There's so much that we don't know


When I was four

I remember going to my grandparents house

My dad and his brother got drunk

And were fighting

Someone hit someone

A beer bottle was thrown on the street and broke

Then my dad, mom, older sister and I got in the car

To drive the 30 minutes to our small home

In our small town

With my dad driving mad and drunk

Driving over the curb and spinning out as we left

(He was still in his early twenties)

As we drove through the town

I saw big homes

I looked at the stars in the sky

And remember questioning the universe

'What am i doing in this family, in this car'

I felt that in previous lives i was wealthy, royalty, someone important

and here i was in a family

Who were pretty poor at that time

Getting drunk, fighting

Living in a tiny midwest farm town

In the middle of nowhere

As a minority half-Asian

For the first time

At four years old

I felt that I had other lives

And that I was an outsider

In this family and in my home-town

I did however, always feel very safe and very loved by my family

Home was my safe place

And I love my family very much

I also had a pretty idyllic childhood

Sure I was bullied some when I was young

(My guess is that most kids feel they were bullied in some way and probably bullied others and didn't realize it)

We rode bicycles in the country

Didn't have to lock our doors

Danced in the bathroom hallway at the Valley View dinner and dance hall

Swam at the Valley View swimming lake

Sang and danced like Sonny and Cher

Had a swing set and sandbox in the back yard

Made a tent over the clothesline and slept outside

Dug tunnels in the snow drifts

Boated on an inner tube in the ditch when it flooded

Rode logs in the river

Hit tennis balls against the gym wall

Had sleep-overs

Ate popcorn and watched movies on one of our 3 tv channels

Had snuggles and world thoughts with my dog

Went to brownie and girl scout camp

Traveled to the Illinois State Fair

Had neighbors that I called grandma and grandpa

Participated in sports, chorus, played flute and was the drum major in band, cheerleading

Had high school homecoming in the gym

Watched state marching band competitions at ISU

Vacationed at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville

Dared people to run around in the cemetery at night

Had a Halloween Hayride Party out in the country with several spooky stops

Went road drinking in the country

Went to a drive-in theatre

Cruised around a bigger town looking for guys

Ate at our favorite place - pizza hut

Did donuts on the ice in my small red plymouth

Learned to change the oil on my plymouth

Mowed our yard

Laid in the sun with suntan oil slathered on

I grew to trust and love many people in my home-town

And had many incredible fun memories

Plus we traveled to Japan to see my family on my mom's side when I was 8 and 16

That was quite an otherworldly, exciting highlight of my childhood

To see a different culture, meet family for the first time, fly on a plane to the other side of the world

It was everything

As I reminisce about my childhood

The memories come pouring through

It was pretty special

Was it perfect?

No, as there is no perfect

I always knew I was destined to live in a bigger town

Yet how grateful I am for this Idyllic Childhood

When I left my family and hometown at 18 years to attend Fashion School in Texas

I was no longer an outsider

I was my family

I was my hometown

Took them with me

When was the first time Larleen saw spirits?

Coming up next

Predictions of where I'd live as an adult

Did you have spirit experiences when you were a child?

When we're young, I've heard we're more open to the other side

it's simple, do you


Kathleen Naomi

lots of photos down memory lane...


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