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Have You Ever Wanted to Look Like Someone Else?

Have you ever wanted to look like someone else?

I did desperately

in High School

and Some Years After

I was somewhat anorexic in High School


Before it had an official name

When I was in high school i weighed 108 pounds (5'6" tall)

And was obsessed about being thin

I did eat a lot of junk food

And not much real food

Always thinking about my weight

Why did I think I had to be super skinny?

Influence from the outer world

Friends, commercials, magazines, tv

I didn't have confidence in myself

And looked outward for guidance and approval

At the time, late 70's, early 80's - the thinner the better

I also thought that if I looked good

People would like me

Specifically, boys

I would spend an hour to get ready to go out

Maybe even longer

Perfectly curled hair

Perfect makeup

Perfect outfit (I didn't have many, but it had to look good)

Yet I never really thought I looked beautiful


But not really beautiful

Have you had thoughts like this?

Brooke Shields

That's my girl

That's who I wanted to look like in high school

The perfect all-American girl

Long brown hair, blue eyes, full lips

Thick eyebrows

Instead of me

Half Asian . Half Hillbilly

I would bite my upper lip

Hoping that it would puff up and look more like Brooke's lips


Today I can admire/appreciate a pretty girl or handsome man

And not want to look like them

I love the freckles on my face that come out with the sun

My dark hair

Somewhat exotic half asian eyes

Olive skin

Sometimes I think I look pretty

Other times, just okay

Kathleen Naomi, Spiritual Geisha

I'm not thin and lean as I was most of my life

And do want to lose a few pounds

At the same time I want to enjoy myself

And eat what I want

And eat good food

Mostly I love that we're all unique

All beautiful in our own special way

And realize the intensity of that beauty

ONLY shines from within


One of the current biggest influencer's is Kim Kardashian

I see many Kim's walking around and on social media

Same thick black eyebrows

Same big eyelashes

Same big boobs and butt

I get it

Now as an old-er wiser woman

My eyes are wide open

Of what's important

What's beautiful

In the World

Each of us in our own unique way

Larleen's Kim Tutorial



It's all about love

And that love begins with you

Once you Love you,

All of you,

Nothing can stop you

That's where the magic happens

Imagine a world

Where we all




Our inner and outer beauty



Kathleen Naomi


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