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The Healing Session

is a magical moment in time


We can focus on a Psychic connection .

you can ask burning questions about your life, health, the world


* I can connect you to loved ones that have passed . they step forward when they have important messages for you

* You can meet your spirit guides, and learn how to connect with them

* Or, the session may be a combination of the above

You start with your Intention

Then the session opens

To the possibilities

From the Universe

For assisting you with what you most need 

At this time

Citrus Fruits

Sharna King
Holistic Health Coach

“ I felt a beautiful light about Kathleen. 
The moment i closed my eyes she started to describe the very person that popped into my minds eye. From then on, I knew the rest of the reading was going to be amazing, and it was! If you ever get the chance to connect with Kathleen don't put it off.  For me she confirmed my connection I had with the other side and helped me overcome a very deep physical and emotional trauma I had gone through in this life."

Kirk Graf Jr.
SB Realtors . Puerto Vallarta

“ The experience was comfortable, relaxing, and quite pleasant. Kathleen was able to connect with some close people from my past and it brought a feeling of peace. The energy and presence Kathleen brings with her invites you to open up in a space that for some people may be awkward or uncomfortable. I am very grateful to her for the experience and am looking forward to the opportunity of having another session sometime in the near future."

Georgia Darehshori
Casa Karma Owner . Profit of the NonProfits

“ I love her gentle sensitive manner and her instructive pages sent prior to the reading for optimal preparation. Everything about Kathleen inspires confidence. I'm so excited that people of her caliber are finding their way into this timely Treasure of Information. Her overriding theme is unconditional love. You feel enveloped in it in her presence. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking solice and validation after a loved one leaves his body. You cannot doubt that death is nonexistent when you have an experience of evidential mediumship with Kathleen."
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