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Why to be Happy when a Loved One is Sick

What do you do when your puppy, child, a loved one is ill?

(same applies to chaos, fear, hatred in the world)

Feel bad?


Sleeping puppy on comfy bed

One day, Nama my puppy was not feeling well

I worried

Wondered if it was something serious

Should I take her to the doctor

Should I wait

She was a little lethargic

It could be something she ate because she eats everything on the ground

It could be from going to doggie camp the day before and she's tired or sore

She's a little over one year, so she's still very energetic

Though she's also changing

Is it 'the change' and she's just slowing down?

As these thoughts rambled across my mind

I realized that I literally felt sick

I felt sick to my stomach

My head felt fuzzy and pressured

That's normal, that's what I do

If I'm worried about her, that means I care


I had to run an errand

While driving on the Libramiento in Puerto Vallarta

It HIT me like a ton of bricks

Worrying about Nama because she may be ill

Is NOT healthy for me

It's NOT healthy for her either

I've heard this many times through the years

It finally sank in

If I focus on keeping ME healthy and happy

My positive energy will help Nama


So this prompted me to focus on myself

Instead of worrying about Nama

Feeling good

Feeling relaxed

Thinking of things that make me happy

To get myself in a better place

Lo and behold

It felt


I've also realized since this epiphany

That it's something you have to work on each time

Until it becomes a new habit

It's not being selfish to focus on keeping yourself healthy and happy

It's helping everyone around you as well

Especially those who need it most

To be surrounded by your positive energy

What's your story, how do you feel when a loved one is sick?

Or when there's sadness, hatred, fear in the world?

Have you thought about this?

I did take Nama to the vet for a full check up

They didn't find any health issues :)


Kathleen Naomi


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