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The Five Crucial Actions, when hurricane Lidia was barreling toward our dog, home & 3 stores

The Uber dropped us off in the colorful city of Guanajuato, Mexico

from San Miguel de Allende

An all day tour was scheduled the next day

So we decided to take it easy the first evening

Watch a movie

After the movie, the floodgates opened

A tropical storm, turned hurricane

Was barreling toward our home & 3 stores

in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is protected

She's in one of the largest bays in Mexico, Banderas Bay

And surrounded by the Sierra Madre Mountains

There would have to be a perfect storm

To arrive directly into the bay and reach Puerto Vallarta (PV)

Hurricane Lidia was doing exactly that

She was aimed directly at the city center of PV

Being away from home during this hurricane

Felt strange


Where to find the strength, courage, patience

Don't panic

Maybe Hurricane Lidia will move by the morning

The latest projection was that she would brush the tip of the southern mountains

And head straight toward the middle of Puerto Vallarta

I started searching all news about Lidia

Tracked the weather maps

And couldn't sleep

Each hour I'd check

And each hour Lidia was still on track for Puerto Vallarta

I spoke to Lidia

Thanked her for her strength, magnitude

Her nature

And asked if she could please move

So that she wouldn't come straight for PV

I read a book

Wrote in a journal


And put on sleepy meditation music

And still I didn't sleep

I also told myself it's okay if I can't sleep

We had an all day tour the next day

If I didn't feel well because of not sleeping, I wouldn't go

If I felt well enough, I'd go

I'd take it easy with myself

Be kind to myself

Lidia would not hit land until the afternoon or evening the next day

I fell asleep for two blissful hours

And felt good enough to go on the tour in the morning

Lidia was still headed for Puerto Vallarta

She was a small tropical storm, then a Hurricane Category 1

She was becoming stronger to a Category 4

So the plans were in place early that morning

Our gourmet ice cream business in Puerto Vallarta has three stores

One of them is on the Malecon, oceanside

We okayed the emergency procedures to start right away

To prepare that store for the worst

And close the other two stores

Staff needed to be safe, at home

They prepared the stores and were home before noon

Well before Lidia would kiss land, in 4-7 hours

My thoughts often drifted to my dog Nama

How I wasn't there for her

It was out of my control, so I kept thinking how she's fine, will be fine

She was having a blast at doggie camp

Running on a mountaintop area with other dogs

But in the evening, they were put into kennels

And there was no building

Hurricane winds could rip down trees and land on these kennels

Kennels could fly away

So I contacted a friend to pick her up

But she had already traveled to a different state

I contacted the owner of the dog camp to bring Nama down from the mountain

And keep her in his home

All was in place

I did what I could

Now, I had to go on the tour

Enjoy the tour of Guanajuato

Watch the news

And wait

And hope for the best

Maybe Lidia heard my request, maybe she'd move

This is colorful Guanajuato

Around one in the afternoon

Blessed Lidia moved a little further south

She was no longer headed directly for PV

My heart felt full, I was incredibly grateful

Whether she listened to me or not

I don't know, but she did move

Though we weren't out of the woods yet

There could still be incredible damage

Lidia hit land with 140mph winds

Her impact on Puerto Vallarta was around 7pm

Her winds were unusual

Usually hurricanes arrived from the front

Lidia's winds arrived from the back of the city

Traveled north and circled south again to envelope the city

I'd heard from friends that it was the scariest thing they've experienced

The force of the wind took the power out of the town immediately

Big banging sounds were heard everywhere

As huge trees uprooted, electrical poles fell, solar panels, rooftops & windows flew

It lasted two hours

Until the silence

The darkness

Some had no power

No water

No internet

For several days

Most had power the next day

Many big trees blocked roads, the highway

In several places in the city and south of the city

Our family in the U.S. didn't know this was happening

It wasn't in the news there

Our Malecon store had power the whole night

The other two stores did not

There was damage

A few people died or were injured

Condolences to their family

Puerto Vallarta overall was incredibly fortunate

She survived, persisted

Feeling grateful

At our home, the patio awnings fell down, that's it

And we didn't have power for around 8 hours

5 Crucial Actions I Made

1. Prepared the stores and our dog, knowing there was nothing to do for our condo

2. Let go of the outcome

3. Asked for what I wanted (asked Lidia to move further away from PV)

4. Knew/felt that the universe had my back

5. Was KIND to myself - it was okay if I wasn't in Puerto Vallarta & couldn't sleep most of the night, it was okay if I didn't go on the tour the next day because of lack of sleep, calmed myself with meditation, reading, writing, music, and checked the news if I felt like it.

The action above that I was most proud of...

#5 I was kind to myself

This is not something I always did in the past

My mind would tell me that I 'have' to do this

Or I 'have' to do that

No - I need to be kind to myself and do the best I can

Felt empowering

Larleen's advice and what she did when Hurricane Lidia was headed her way...

What are your tips when you're in a situation like this?

Would love to hear, CLICK HERE

Journey to the Unique Magical *Sacred You*

xo Kathleen Naomi


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