The Drive to Pv . Day 1

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Recap from the last post: The Day Before Day 1 - Our car title was MISSING AND IT'S REQUIRED TO CROSS THE MEXICAN BORDER. Will we be able to get a new one or will our trip be delayed? ... DRUM ROLL

DECEMBER 7, 2016 

December 7 is a very special day: Pearl Harbor Day, youngest nephew's birthday, oldest nephew graduated from Marine boot camp on this day in 2007, and Todd contacted me on that very same day (my whole family was in San Diego attending my nephews marine graduation when I saw his note on Match).  Todd and I met in person a few days later and I was pleasantly surprised - he looked like his photos (a phenomenon in the world of online dating, ha!). He also seemed super nice, funny, down to earth, intelligent, athletic, and humble.  I told him I wanted to go VEERRYY slow with this dating thing and he agreed... yep, we took it slow, started livin' together a couple of months later!  

day 1 - the drive to paradise

We packed up the car, had breakfast with my parents, and said many teary goodbyes. It was heartbreaking to leave my parents even though I wanted to go and couldn’t wait to start this new chapter in my life. We were excited, yet nervous, because we weren't sure if we'd be able to get our car title and make it to PV in time for our furniture.

WHOOPIII!! We're finally on the road! Bags packed in the pod, dogs in the back, all set! Adios cold snowy Chicago!  Asha is taking a last look .

An hour later we arrived at the drivers facility. We were told it would take a WEEK to get a new car title - WHAAAT! won't work. We had to be in Mexico in a few days when our furniture arrived. Any other options? The only other option was to expedite it to arrive the next day, but with a hefty fee. No problem! We need that title and figured if we were delayed one day we could still make it in time when our furniture arrives in PV. With the new title ordered, we headed back to my parents house!

My mom and dad did not expect to see us again so soon! SURPRISE! We headed to their favorite lunch spot and it was on the drive back to their place when Todd had an epiphany - 'HEY! I KNOW WHERE THE CAR TITLE IS! IT'S IN THE BACKPACK!!' (which was right behind him in the car the whole time!). WHAAAATTT! Oh lordy, I knew this drive to paradise was going to be an adventure! Once we got back to my parents place, Todd checked the backpack and sure enough, there it was. For the second time that day, we loaded the car, said more slobbery teary goodbyes, and told my parents we'd see them in a few hours - HAHA! This time we were REALLY LEAVING (we think)!


In a few hours I felt nostalgic and emotional because we were here... near the small farm town of 600 people where I grew up... you could see open land for miles in the winter, and in the summer you'd see corn field after corn field. It felt surreal driving in the area, and my childhood here felt like another lifetime ago. When I was a girl I loved to play by myself - acting out scenes or decorating my room. It was also a time when I was so shy I'd hide behind my mom, had rocks thrown at me and was called blackie because I was half Japanese... which progressed to homecoming queen in high school. After H.S. I had incredible adventures in different parts of the U.S. and have grown up in leaps and bounds from that scared little girl. And now I was on the next big adventure to Mexico and was feelin' grateful. I know there's still more to learn, but now it's time to fuckit and JUST BE ME - no apologies, no worrying what others think, I'm done with that.

The longer we drove the, FREER WE FELT. FREEDOM, the best word in the English language next to LOVE! This moment below was spectacular: the sun shining through the clouds looked like heaven, the two semi trucks reminded me of my dad truckin' down the road as he had done for decades.

We wanted to drive further than we had originally planned because we had a late start and ended up around Springfield, Missouri.  By the time the sun was below the horizon, it started to snow like crazy until we found a place to stay at around 9pm.  

How is Larleen holding up on her drive to Mexico? Find out in the next article!

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xo Kathleen Naomi