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Larleen's Public Debut for Renee Armand

Larleen doesn't sing in public.

But when the incredibly talented singer/song writer Renee Armand, who loves Larleen, asked her to perform on stage at Incanto Vallarta, there's absolutely only one answer - hell yes and 'oh shit'


Writes and sings with the deepest ocean depth of heart and soul as Renee Armand

Whether she's writing about a day on her farm in Tennessee

Writing a song for Michael Jackson (One Day in Your Life)

Bony Fingers for Hoyt Axton

When she sang The Morning After for the Poseidon Adventure movie that won an Academy Award

Sang for years with John Denver

Wrote/sings I Want To Go To Mexico

Larleen arrives Monday night at Incanto, February 27th, 2023 a little early before the 9:30 performance

With her husband Billy Bob

And joins Renee on the patio

Sitting with Tracy, the owner of Incanto

Kimberly LaRue (Follies Vallarta, a NYC dance instructor for Ailey, Columbia)

Enrique de Allende (opera singer)

And in walks Mark Hartman, NYC composer, pianist, conductor, arranger (will be playing piano)

Larleen finds out a few of the other special performers that night besides the main performer Renee, will include

Enrique de Allende (who's singing at Carnegie Hall in October this year 2023)

Kevin Anthony (fifty years in the entertainment industry, including Broadway)

Holy shit, no pressure Larleen

The stories Larleen tells in the intro are true

Well true for Kathleen's life

True in her husband's life

Renee Armand, I Want To Go To Mexico . with Mark Hartman on piano

Kevin Anthony with Mark Hartman on piano

I didn't get a video of Enrique de Allende that night

Here he is at a recent Valentine extravaganza charity event at a Villa on the ocean

with the Guadalajara Symphony Orchestra

What a night to remember, Larleen had a blast.

Thank you Renee, what a very special gift you gave Larleen.

Journey to the Unique Magical Sacred You

xo Kathleen Naomi


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