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Can Anyone be a Psychic Medium

I used to think only certain people had that 'special' power,

could be a Psychic/Medium

(and then I became one!)

Can any of these three people be a Psychic Medium?

Well listen,

I didn't even know what a real Psychic was until I was 40 years old

Same with a Medium, until I saw one on television, I had no idea

So when I became a Psychic/Medium

It was pretty mind-boggling

It still feels surreal and magical even now

Can you be a Psychic Medium too?


It's not a special gift for only certain people

Though some people may be 'better' at it

Similar to certain talents that people have

Some people are Michael Jordan, others will never be a pro basketball player

I've always been very sensitive in many ways

A dreamer, lots of imagination

And I knew things, that sometimes didn't make sense

But I just 'knew' anyway

If you're interested in becoming a Psychic Medium

Or just a Psychic

Or just a Medium

It can happen to you too

I wrote a series of stories about how it happened to me

In a nutshell

For 20 years I studied spirituality

With Sonia Choquette

How to connect to my guides & angels

How to trust my intuition

In 2019 I took a Psychic Medium Class in Puerto Vallarta with Kennedy Morgan

EVERYONE in that class could connect Psychically and with Spirits

And most of us had absolutely no idea what we were doing

That's why I KNOW

anyone can do this...


1) You have the desire - you're super interested in this topic

2) You work at it - meditation is key, to leave your ego behind

3) You study - read, take classes, listen to podcasts

4) You know yourself - once you know 'you' totally, it's easier to connect in your unique way to this other realm

What does Larleen think? She's always 'right on' - find out here....

Have a burning question?

Send me a note, CLICK HERE

Journey to the Unique Magical *Sacred You*

xo Kathleen Naomi


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