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I See Dead People in Puerto Vallarta

Are you into spirituality?

Curious about communicating with a loved one that's passed?

Want to improve your life?

nothing is random

Three days before 9/11, my plane landed at JFK International Airport.

I remember the cab ride with my now ex-husband to our new home on Manhattan’s East Side, 49th Street. I would be attending the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre starting on November 13th. An eerie and surreal time.

One month later I walked into a NYC Barnes and Noble and headed to the spiritual/self help section to randomly select a book.

The book I selected was "Trust Your Vibes" by Sonia Choquette.

Sonia's an intuitive guide and spiritual teacher for 40 years, has written over 27 New York Times or International Best Sellers, and teaches online and in-person workshops.

She's a Psychic, which is still taboo to many; however she's much more than that - she instructs others how to tap into their guides and spirit.

this was the integral beginning of my spiritual journey

Kathleen Naomi

I've always been fascinated with spirits, psychics, mediums, ghosts.

In fact, it was because of ghosts that I ended up moving to NYC to attend acting school (oh yes, another good story).

Though I was never ready before to learn more about spirituality, my guides, my angels - it felt too woo woo - and none of my friends or family were into that sort of thing.

Since the 80s I started watching Oprah's show and learned from all kinds of amazing teachers.

It took years to grow from a very scared young girl to a confident woman.

Recently I realized this is why we're here...






the workshop that changed my life

I moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, in December 2016.

In the spring of 2019, I was running an errand in the Emiliano Zapata/Old Town neighborhood.

I saw a flyer, “Illuminate Workshop: strengthen your intuition, psychic connections, and open the door to spirit communication.”


I was currently studying Choquette’s online course about spirit guides, so I figured this local workshop would be a great compliment.

Before taking the class in PV, I scheduled a reading with the instructor, Kennedy Morgan, a Spirit Medium.

I was hoping to learn more about my master Spirit Guide... and I swear to God, the first thing that came out of Kennedy's mouth was 'I see your master guide and he looks like a warrior'!

My mind instantly pictured a man wearing a suit of armor. Later in the reading, Kennedy mentioned that when he saw my Spirit Guide, he wasn't a warrior like an American Indian... he was wearing a suit of armor!

It was then that I knew that Kennedy's Illuminate Workshop was going to be


rocket ship to spirituality

Butterflies swarmed my stomach during the first Illuminate Workshop class.

Several of the students were experienced tarot readers, psychics, or had years of experience speaking to spirit. It was beyond intimidating.

By the second class I was speaking to spirits!

Kennedy taught us that anyone can do this. It's like a muscle you build to get stronger - some people may be more naturally talented at it than others, just like some people are naturally more talented at sumo wrestling or playing soccer than others.

This workshop knocked my socks off!

The workshop exceeded my expectations. I’m now confident to:

*protect my energy

*raise my vibration

*meditate with intention

*clear energy in physical places

*communicate with spirits

*talk to dead people… no biggie!

being in tune to spirit changes your life

Our spirit guides and angels are here to help us and are eager to do so. From finding a parking space to finding your keys... asking for help doesn't have to be for big decisions only.

That's a huge misconception I was previously trapped in... I thought I could only ask for help from God/the universe with big decisions - and didn't think they wanted to be bothered with anything else.

Recently my dear dog Kai passed away.

Words can't describe what a comfort it is that I can speak to his spirit. I speak to my grandmother. And you won't believe what celebrities want to speak to me almost every day... Prince, Alan Rickman, and Edgar Cayce (anyone in the spirit world knows him, he's also my husband's grandfather's cousin).

This may all sound cuckoo to some of you, to others, it will sound perfectly normal. I never imagined that I'd be able to speak to spirits before the Spring of 2019. I never imagined that some day I would be living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico either.


I still have a lot to learn about spirituality and am excited to continue on this path.

once you honor who you are, love yourself, are yourself - this makes a positive difference in the world

vallarta keeps on giving

I met another amazing spiritual teacher in Vallarta - Deirdre Morgan.

She's been an intuitive coach and counselor for more than 30 years and is also a numerologist/psychic.

Deirdre's specialty is zeroing in on behavior patterns that create blocks to feeling good. Besides our interest in spirituality, we have a few more things in common: she's lived in San Diego and owned an ice cream shop on a beach years ago.

She has an individual Empowerment Program in which she helps you become EMPOWERED WITH WHO YOU ARE & WHAT YOU'RE HERE TO DO.

While I’ve tremendously grown throughout the years, I was drawn to the program because I felt there was still some force blocking my full potential.

Many mornings I'd awake with a sinking sense of dread and was unsure where it came from. Was that normal? Well, my husband wakes up and feels good, so it doesn't have to be normal. I want to wake up and feel hopeful about the day too.

And yes, I did ask my spirit guides for assistance with this. They sent me to Deirdre.

Deirdre's Empowerment Program is a WOW. I no longer awaken most mornings with that sense of dread. It's been replaced with a positive shift in my life - in how I view myself, relationships, how I view my power, other's power.

It was an intense deeply profound program.

I know how fortunate I am to have met and worked with both Deirdre and Kennedy in person. You can partake in their magic even if you don't live in PV.

you'll be surprised to hear what larleen thinks about spirituality

It may not be in your path to learn more about spirituality.

It IS in your path to honor yourself and be you, totally and unapologetically you.

Would love to hear your experiences below in regard to this topic.


Kathleen Naomi


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