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Tour of Our First House & Why Puerto Vallarta

It was a cold and snowy day.....

Todd and I and our two greyhounds hopped in our car in December 2016 in Chicago, and drove to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - our new home.

April 2017

A few months later we taped a short interview - including a tour of our house rental (at this point we were Vallarta Guppies - haha) so this was before I had a chance to decorate, though it gives you an idea of what a house looks like in Vallarta. The neighborhood we lived in was Gaviotas... big homes with yards.

We shipped some of our things because we knew the house was unfurnished and we wanted to keep some items anyway.

Here's what Todd and I discuss in this short interview:

Why we decided to move to Puerto Vallarta

Risks of moving to Mexico

Style of desired home

You may have seen us on House Hunters International.

Our episode is called Sweet Life in Puerto Vallarta.

And the house tour...

first floor

second floor

photo of our house near Christmas 2017, later that year

Now, August 2020

It's three and a half years later (we've graduated to Vallarta Toddlers!)

Todd and I follow our instincts A LOT - along with that, we're open to change and adventure ... mostly we ask ourselves, does this decision FEEL RIGHT.

There's been a LOT OF CHANGE in our lives since these videos were taken in April 2017... most amazing, also a few sad things.

  • June 2019: moved to a gorgeous condo with tons of character that was remodeled in Conchas Chinas - with a view of the bay and next to a jungle

  • We're still renting - searched for a place to purchase for quite a few months, but never found 'the' place and also realized we're still not positive on the Vallarta neighborhood we'd like to hang our hat

  • Summer 2019: rebranded Lix logo and colors

  • September 2019: started construction for a 2nd Lix store and kitchen in a Vallarta neighborhood called Fluvial (near our first house and behind Costco)

  • October 2019: sold our artisan chocolate biz

  • December 2019: soft opening of our second Lix Homemade Ice Cream store and kitchen - with huge glass wall to view ice cream making. Now for the FIRST TIME, we make the WHOLE kit and kaboodle with ice cream.... from start to finish! And still use the best quality ingredients, including incredible Belgian chocolate (the same chocolate we previously used to artisan chocolates!). Our first/original store opened in 2012.

  • January 20, 2020: our greyhound Kai passed away, he was almost 13 years old. Our hearts still ache for this very special boy.

  • February 2020: huge grand opening party at our new store, featuring professional singer Lady Zen

  • March 21, 2020: closed our stores due to COVID 19 - never imagined we would not be able to re-open until three months later.

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy.

Our stores are now open again, though we're not sure if they'll be able to stay open, depending on the pandemic. The governor may press a button that would shut down everything for 14 days. And who knows what would happen after that. Everyone is doing the best they can with being safe, trying to get the economy going at the same time, being kind and healthy. And being open to change - because who knows what will happen tomorrow.

If you have any questions, please write them in the comments below or send me an email -


Kathleen Naomi

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