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Becoming a Psychic Medium . Chapter 5 - a foreign country

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i would be a Psychic Medium


One night when I was thirteen

I sat on the porch at night with my bestie, my dog

In my small Illinois farm town of 550 people

And looked out at the dark night

The millions of stars

Knowing that there was a whole wide world out there

Waiting for me

It came to me

The knowing

I knew I'd live in these places....

  1. Texas

  2. California

  3. A big city

  4. A foreign country

FROM BIG CITY TO CHICAGOLAND (before a foreign country)

September 2004

After 3 years of living in the big city - New York City

And taking a sabbatical to study acting

At the Neighborhood Playhouse for the first two years

Then another year of auditioning

Working part-time rollerblading with kids in Central Park

Working part-time in an office near Rockefeller Center

I moved back to home base, Chicagoland

To be near family

And return to my career

(Information Systems, Quality, Project Management, Process Improvement)

For Big Pharma Corporate

I decided I didn't want to be a starving actor

Not now, at over 40 years old

December 7, 2007

I was living in Evanston, IL

And on a trip in San Diego with my family

It was my nephew's Marine graduation

It was Pearl Harbor Day

It was another nephew's birthday

And it was when Todd first contacted me on

Todd later became husband #2

December 7th is significant for us


Todd and I purchase a home in Wilmette, IL

We become OBSESSED with House Hunters International

And want to BE the people on that show

Who live life as an adventure

we later ARE the couple on that show!

We start traveling overseas

And in the U.S.

Searching for that place

Some place warmer than Chicago

Sunny, preferably near the ocean

Near positive people

Maybe to retire

Maybe to semi-retire and own a small business


I start to feel


In the pit of my stomach

A Stifling Numbing Aching Dread A deep depression

Of going into the office every day

Of my corporate career

I felt like a Walker

In the Walking Dead

I still did the best job I could

That's just who I am

I knew I was in trouble

When I scheduled a hysterectomy

Because of fibroids

I had no interest in trying natural cures

And was excited for the surgery

Because I would be out of work for a few weeks

That's sad


I had to get out of the dread, the depression

I had to CREATE again

Be creative

Otherwise, all the light inside of me would die

I absolutely felt that

Besides acting, I've always loved color/design

And was inspired to design and sew couture martingale collars and leashes

For our two greyhounds Asha and Kai

Because I desired creative beautiful collars for them

And couldn't find what I was looking for

So I started selecting beautiful silk fabrics from Japan, Thailand, India

And soft cottons from Italy and France

I taught myself how to make martingale collars and leashes

And this soon turned into a business

After people would chase me down the street

Asking where I bought my collars

And now I was learning how to run a creative business

At art shows and on e-commerce

I was CREATING and I felt alive again

and that's when I started working 24/7

I was still working in corporate full-time

the collar business was my life-line



February 2015

We were sooo close

To the next big adventure

And had no idea

We vacationed in Punta de Mita, Mexico

An hour north of Puerto Vallarta

We scouted towns nearby

Sayulita, Bucerias, Nuevo (didn't make it to PV though)

Nothing felt quite 'right'

What's not to love

Puerto Vallarta Summer Sky

May 2016

In February, we planned to travel to Portugal and Spain

However our work schedules were too busy

By May we decided to plan a quick trip

Todd suggested Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

That didn't sound exciting at all

Since we were near that area the year before

But because I had no other good ideas I agreed

We headed to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In May of 2016

For what would be one of the BIGGEST

Decision and Adventure of our lives

We took a Walking Tour with Sandra Cesca

Six months later

On December 7

We hopped in our car in snowy Chicago

With our two greyhounds

And drove to our new home - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Remember December 7?

Our significant date

It's the date Todd first wrote to me on

We took six months of preparation

Including selling our house

For the move to Puerto Vallarta

And it didn't dawn on me that we left Chicago on THAT DATE


Until months after arriving in PV

There's something about that date for Todd and I

How many days did it

take for us to decide to move to Puerto Vallarta

1, 4, or 16?

Why did we miss our flight?

What four people did we meet

The first day of our trip

That changed our lives forever?

You'll never guess - does Larleen love or hate living in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico...

I look back now and realize

That I was psychic

I absolutely knew as a child that I'd live in these places

  1. Texas

  2. California

  3. A big city

  4. A foreign country

Coming up next -

The finale - other crazy significant signs that I'd become a Psychic Medium

it's simple, do you

xo Kathleen Naomi


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