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The Most Flabbergasting Talent I Discovered About Myself

do you think things happen for a reason?

I do

We can learn from whatever happens

And choose to change how we think/react

Or keep on keepin' on and do the same thing

Over and Over

Like Bill Murray on 'Groundhog Day'

To me, keep on keepin' on and doing the same thing

Is the same thing as being dead

My life has been all about

Growth, Change

And it's not easy

Definitely it's not easy

Sometimes I'm positive that I've learned everything

There can't POSSIBLY be anything more to learn

Until the next day when I realize




occurred in 2021, soon after my second greyhound Asha passed

i discovered

i'm a psychic medium

Never in a million years would I have guessed I have this talent

I've also never used the word 'flabbergasting'

Until this story

In upcoming stories

I'll explain why sharing this information is one of the most important things I do

It feels urgent to share

A few years ago I was afraid to tell others I was interested in this 'woo' topic


I'll tell all

How I got here

The ghosts

The insights

It's been years in the making

What happened when I was a child

Clues hidden

Clues that hit me in the face

I'll also share my opinion about being a psychic medium...

Is it a gift for only a few

Or can anyone be a psychic medium

Do I think I'm a good at it

How has it changed my life


Does Larleen see dead people (spirits)?

This is when it gets real

'I see dead people'... THE SIXTH SENSE movie from 1999

That movie scared the beejeebees out of me

Not anymore

Kathleen Naomi's character Larleen

If you have anything to share about this topic

Anything at all

I would love to hear it

Let the stories begin


Kathleen Naomi

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