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Beyond All Odds - the El Tuito Stray Story


Two puppies were dumped in the country near a very small town called El Tuito

1 1/2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta

A rancher drove by and saw them in a field - and he kept seeing them


No mom in sight

By the third day he knew he had to pick them up

The day the rancher picked them up

Stray Puppies picked up from field in El Tuito

The rancher already had eleven rescue dogs and couldn't keep them

His wife Michaela posted a photo on facebook with a plea for help

I knew Michaela, and saw the post

I remember thinking how adorable they were


We weren't ready for another dog

It hadn't been long since our greyhound had passed

And we wanted to wait at least a year

The ranch keeping them safe and fed - feisty pups

The SPCA in Puerto Vallarta offered to take these puppies

Get them fixed, vaccinated, whatever they needed

Prepare them for adoption


By June these puppies were 4-5 months old

And were ready to be adopted

The SPCA brought them to the Sunday Walk

Where volunteers walk shelter dogs

Todd and I'd been volunteering for awhile

So the first day they brought these two puppies

I saw them

And I knew them

My heart jumped a beat

I didn't walk either of them that first day

But when there was a break

The one named Foxy came over to me and licked my face

This is the photo taken of that moment

Todd also took notice of this one, Foxy

We both noticed her calm strength

And sweetness

The next Sunday

We walked Foxy and her sis Lis

Another day we volunteered at the SPCA shelter

I was hoping to see Foxy playing in the yard, just a glimpse

But no luck

Though before we left I casually mentioned her name

The shelter manager mentioned that a family was stopping by in an hour

To see Foxy and her sis

My heart sank


Well, okay

We're not ready anyway

We drove away

And I couldn't stop thinking about her

Todd felt the same


We weren't ready

And then I devised a creative agreement with Todd

If the family didn't want Foxy

That was a sign and we'll adopt her

We were very nervous

We waited a few days with no answer

The family wasn't sure

We were on pins and needles

And couldn't take it anymore

So we told the SPCA that if the family decided they didn't want her

We would adopt her

And then the text we'd been waiting for....

The family wants Foxy

We were devastated, but also knew it wasn't meant to be

Maybe she came into our life to teach us that we're ready for another dog

Yet my heart still had hope

The next day was Sunday

And we went to the SPCA Sunday walk

Our hearts in a knot

The SPCA manager pulls out a dog from the van

Who looks just like Foxy


What's happening?

The family had an emergency and couldn't adopt her

It was meant to be

She would be ours!

She's precious

Walking her that day in the park felt surreal

This is that day

The next day was Adoption Day! June 21, 2021

And that's, how our puppy found us

We've changed Foxy's name... to Nama

Nama in Sanskrit = the soul meeting the highest soul

Nama in Japanese = vibrancy, freshness, strength

Our greyhounds had Sanskrit names, we wanted the same for her.

It had been almost 4 months since our greyhound Asha had passed

joining her brother Kai, our other greyhound who passed a year and a half before that

We weren't ready.... our puppy found us anyway

And I absolutely know she was a gift - sent by Asha and Kai

Nama is joyful and a healer

Did you know you can adopt a Puerto Vallarta dog or cat, even if you live in the U.S. or Canada? If you want more information, send me a note.

xo Kathleen Naomi


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