Our Puppy Found Us . when we weren't ready

Updated: Jun 25

June 2021

At the end of June, it'd been almost 4 months since our greyhound Asha passed on to the rainbow bridge, joining her brother Kai, our other greyhound who passed a year and a half ago.

We weren't ready.... our puppy found us anyway.

I know she was sent by Asha and Kai.


Two puppies, Foxy and her sis Lis were dumped in the country near a very small town called El Tuito (1 1/2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta). Did they wonder where their mom was? Were they scared? For sure they were frightened, hungry and thirsty.

Michaela and her husband have a ranch in El Tuito and one day her husband saw these two pups two days in a row (who knows how long they were there) - he figured the mom must be nearby. By the third day, he knew there was no mom, someone dumped them in that field. This kind soul picked them up.

Foxy (our dog) and Lis. Foxy is standing up with one ear up - the day the rancher picked them up in his truck.

Michaela and her husband already had eleven rescue dogs, so they couldn't keep them - they put them in a large cage to protect them from their other dogs, gave them food and water, and Michaela promptly sent a plea on facebook for help.

Yep, that's our Foxy, jumping on her sis Lis.

I remember seeing Michaela's facebook post and thought - ooohhhhh, what cuties!

No, we aren't ready for another dog.

The SPCA Puerto Vallarta animal shelter offered to take Foxy and Lis to their shelter... and one day they brought them to the Sunday walks in the park where volunteers (Todd and I) walk the dogs.

Foxy caught Todd's eye first... he noticed how calm she was, confident yet sweet, she didn't have to be by all the other dogs and was content walking with us. We walked her or her sis a couple of Sundays in addition to other pups. Then we volunteered at the shelter to sit with quarantined dogs, and before we left, I oh-so-'casually' looked at each cage, looking for Foxy - I found her and was petting her when Dora the manager mentioned a family was coming to the shelter that day to see Foxy and her sis to possibly adopt them... my heart literally fell to my knees. Wait... um, but I want her, don't I? I looked at Todd, I knew he felt the same - BUT - we weren't ready. And so, we didn't say anything.

A few photos from the SPCA Sunday walks - when we walked Foxy, and once when we didn't and she was giving me kisses.

The drive home was torture, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I spoke to Todd about it, we both agreed we weren't ready. Meanwhile, there was a knot in my throat that wouldn't go away.

By the time we got home, I had devised a creative plan. If the family didn't want Foxy, then it was a sign that we should adopt her. I was nervous, Todd was nervous... we agreed on the plan.

We texted Dora, 'hey did the family want to adopt Foxy'? She responded, 'I think so, they'll let us know for sure in a day or two'. So we texted, 'Okay, let us know. If they don't adopt her, we will'.

And then the wait and the wait and the wait. Our minds were drawn to that little girl... if the family wants her, then that's her forever family and we'll be happy for her. She deserves a good home.

And then, the 'ding' we'd been waiting for, for TWO WHOLE DAYS - a text from Dora ....

'The family wants her'.



Well, it wasn't meant to be.

Maybe she came into our life to teach us that we're ready for another dog.

Yet something in my heart still had a spark - something told me that somehow, some way, she was going to be in our family. Wasn't she? It wasn't happening that way, but I still felt that a miracle would happen.

The day we heard the family wanted her was Saturday - the next day was Sunday, our day to walk the SPCA dogs...

Sunday we arrived, Dora hopped out of the van and pulled out a little caramel-colored puppy, 'Kathleen and Todd, I brought Foxy'!

Whhhaaaat? Whyyyyy? I thought she was going to the family?

Dora said, 'The family had something urgent occur and they had to travel out of the country so they can't adopt her'.

W w w w wow. Oh wow. Foxy is ours, she's our baby after all. Ohhhh, are we really ready? I guess we're ready!

She's precious. Walking her that day in the park felt surreal. She would come home with us the very next day.

Adoption Day! June 21, 2021

And that's, how our puppy found us.

We've since changed Foxy's name... to Nama.

Nama in Sanskrit = the soul meeting the highest soul

Nama in Japanese = vibrancy, freshness, strength

Our greyhounds had Sanskrit-meaning names, we wanted the same for her.

Did you know you can live in Canada or the U.S. and adopt a Puerto Vallarta dog or cat? Have any sweet stories about how your animal found you? Please share below, would love to hear.

xo Kathleen Naomi

P.S. Thank you Michaela and hubby. Thank you SPCA Puerto Vallarta. Thank you Universe, you always send us what's needed.