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Two Artists Made Us Cry


Our two greyhounds

Passed on January 20, 2020 & March 5, 2021

Words cannot describe the depth of our love for them

We wanted to do something very special, magical

In their honor

sculpture artist

Puerto Vallarta

We felt drawn to Mae's art

And asked if she could create a vase and incorporate our greyhounds ashes in the clay

She said yes

We chose the style we wanted

Similar to one of her vases

And this is what we discovered after we chose it...

The style was based from a vase found in a tomb in Las Palmas Mexico - not far from Puerto Vallarta

The balls with cotton hanging from the vase were designed by Mae as winches, because winches were also found in Mexican tombs

There're no coincidences - it was a perfect tribute

Asha and Kai's ashes wrapped in a Japanese bag made by my mother and bound with a beautiful rope

Mae was gentle and kind... she sent me videos of the process of unwrapping the ashes and mixing them into the clay

Artists vase made with our greyhounds ashes


The meaning of this design with our greyhounds' ashes is LIFE

The energy of this vase

brings clarity

connects us to our angels Asha & Kai

brings ancestors past and future

Dear Mae, muchísimas gracias

we are forever grateful

artist . jewelry | paintings

Puerto Vallarta

It's impossible to visit or live in Puerto Vallarta

Without knowing one of the most famous jewelry designers, Cassandra Shaw

Her gorgeous store in Emiliano Zapata

Her love of helping animals in PV

She's also a painter

In June 2021 we attended a charity auction for R.I.S.E. - children's shelter

One of the auction items was a Cassandra Shaw Pet Portrait

Which is interesting because I'd been thinking about a pet portrait by Cassandra

Her paintings are whimsical, fun

And I won her Auction Item - Pet Portrait!

Cassandra based her painting from a photo I had of Asha and Kai

That was taken by a professional pet photographer in Chicago, David Sutton

This is the painting

Right next to my desk

Seen each time I walk up the stairs to our bedroom

This painting of my greyhounds is EVERYTHING

It makes me...



Feel Love

Feel Comfort


It's Asha and Kai reminding me to have fun

Dear Cassandra, your light in creating this painting of my babies

Makes every day a more magical place

I'm forever grateful to have had Asha and Kai in my life

And to these artists for honoring their lives

Check out their art, their talent is brilliant


Kathleen Naomi


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