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Most Romantic Restaurant in Vallarta Is

Kathleen Naomi in Conchas Chinas beach

Are you a foodie?

Not me - give me a green juice, popcorn, and a salted caramel chocolate homemade ice cream and I'm on Cloud 9... BUUUT, then Puerto Vallarta happened.

You CANNOT live in Puerto Vallarta without becoming a love-craved food obsessor.

The number of INSANELY AMAAAAZING RESTAURANTS in Vallarta are mind boggling.

From the best mouth-watering street tacos; a peaceful breakfast on the ocean at La Palapa; fine dining with an orchestra mariachi band at The Iguana, Liz Taylor's house; an inspiring experience at an old Hacienda and Art Gallery - Di Vino Dante; a breathtaking view with world-class tastes at Barcelona Tapas, or scintillating dining in (or delivery when we want to stay home) from Siam Thai or Bravos. And then there's the iconic Archie's Wok, the chef was the chef for Night of the Iguana's director John Huston. Or Bonito Kitchen asian fusion for your taste buds. Tre Piatti, three star Michelin Chef. More exquisite dining with Tintoque and Icu. To Cafe de Olla, a Mexican favorite. Or Pepe's pastor tacos, Judy's Diner, the churro man by the church. Mezcal and Sal has the most creative presentation for every drink they serve and scrumptious appetizers.

That's only the tip of the ice berg.

the most romantic restaurant in vallarta


Hellooooo sexy romantic dining experience!

I surprised my husband and took him to Cafe de Artistes for his 55th birthday. We heard the ambiance in this restaurant is like no other in Vallarta.

The night we went, it was raining cats and dogs, so the garden seating was closed, but it didn't matter.

As soon as we took one step inside Cafe de Artistes, we were transported to a different world. A world where you're a prince for a night.

A world of eclectic elegance, soft lighting, and inspiring light romantic music.

We were taken to a table with confetti for Todd's birthday on the second level near the garden. The pitter patter of rain on the roof was magical.

Mahi mahi with thinly sliced zucchini and tantalizing flavors

Salmon with sinful textures and flavors

The birthday presentation was fun and delightful, with a sparkly firework!

After dessert, we were given another dessert - two raspberry macaroons.

Classy . cozy piano bar

Sigh.... what an evening.

Sometimes you get wrapped up with the daily hectic details of life ... but remember to have a romantic evening.

This 'us' time at a romantic place was just what we needed. We're learning a valuable lesson here that the Mexican culture embraces - it's okay for things to get done manana (tomorrow), take time to smell the roses.

We both loved Cafe de Artiste and look forward to going back - perhaps not the only romantic dinner in Vallarta, but the most romantic dinner we've had here so far.

And for Larleen's romance...

We all deserve romance.


Kathleen Naomi


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