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Interesting Story about Choosing our Second Store Location

This is our new kitchen/store (store #2)

in the Fluvial neighborhood of tropical Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, right behind a huge landmark - Costco.

As you walk to the Costco entrance, you can see our store directly behind Costco to the right.

Lix Gourmet Ice Cream In Fluvial, Puerto Vallarta

When we first moved to Vallarta at the end of 2016, we lived in the Vallarta neighborhood of Gaviotas, which is next door to this neighborhood - we lived there for 2 1/2 years.

It wasn't long after we moved to Vallarta that we purchased Lix... and do you know that EVERY time we drove by this building Todd would say - 'that's a good location for a store'.... at the time, all four units on the first floor were empty. In fact they were empty the entire 2 1/2 years we lived in Gaviotas.

Fast forward to the summer of 2019 when we were looking for another location for our ice cream kitchen/store... we contacted the owners of this building along with several other places. Some places never bothered to call us back. Some places weren't large enough. Some places just didn't 'feel' right.

This place felt right... the owners contacted us and promptly met us to show us the units (there were 4 empty units, now there's only one empty unit). It had good energy - I swear Todd and I are both attuned to the energy of places. We do it all the time even when we didn't realize we were doing it. When we searched for our first house together, the first house we viewed had good energy and it ended up being 'the one'.

(Everything has energy - try it some time... the next time you're in a store or restaurant, what do you think about the energy... is it lively, dead, warm, happy, sad... I think there's all kinds of ways to describe energy.)

How VERRRRY interesting - 2 1/2 years after Todd kept saying - 'that would be a good location for a store'... it actually happened! It's our second store!!!

We adore our new kitchen/store. I loved designing it (and rebranding/designing the original store in Old Town), and am very proud of Todd for learning how to make ice cream from start to finish with his new gadgets.

Here's the empty shell of our location before we turned it into a Lix Homemade Ice Cream kitchen and store extraordinaire, lol!

We both love a challenge - and we make the whole kit and caboodle now with ice cream and it's super fun to work on this business with my husband. Todd is a high level, just-do-it kind of guy who can figure out how to do anything. And I love the creative aspects of design & marketing, process improvement & project management. We both love creating new flavors.

we love making artisan ice cream

we love making people happy

we love supporting the community


Kathleen Naomi


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