Five Important Lessons from my Senior Greyhound During 2020

Updated: Jun 25

Asha's my 14 year old greyhound who's creeping very close to 15.

Her drastic health decline coincided with both the pandemic and the passing of our other greyhound Kai, who was 13.

You never know how your beloved fur babies will pass, nor how old age will affect them.

When our greyhound Kai passed on January 20, 2020, Todd and I were totally devastated. I realize now that it was a blessing for it to happen so quickly. We still miss his loving, joyful energy every day. I talk to him in my meditations and often cry... and I know he's got his angel wings on, helping Asha weather through her issues. Todd wears his name tag next to his heart - I knew I would be extremely distraught when either of our dogs passed, I had no idea that Todd would be just as sad. Kai was a very special boy... and guess what our first grandbaby's name is? Malakai.. and they call him Kai! He was born on November 2 of 2019, only a few months before our boy Kai passed. It feels as if our greyhound Kai has passed on the torch to our new grandbaby Kai.

Before revealing Asha's lessons, Larleen wants to share what she's learned from her dog...


- She no longer wants to go for walks nor go to work with us (these are things that previously would get her so excited that she would jump up with her front legs like a horse)... so I mostly work at home to take care of her. Her back legs are very weak. I realize that I LOOOVE working from home and that I CAN work from home a majority of the time - I never tried before because I didn't think it'd be feasible. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING, GO FOR IT - IT CAN BE YOURS.

- I've cleaned up more pee, poop, vomit, you-name-it kind of messes on my dog and on rugs and dog beds than I have EEEHHVER cleaned in my life-time. We also give Asha liquids every other day. I've never had my own children and my fur-babies have always been my children - I didn't think being a nurturing person was one of my strengths... these past 9 months have taught me that I'm DEFINITELY a nurturing person when I need to be - and I've learned to be more patient with my Asha, who has many more needs now. WE HAVE MORE STRENGTH THAN WE KNOW

- Asha is no longer active though that doesn't mean she's not the same dog & doesn't love us... in human years she's in her 90's - she doesn't run up to 40 something mpg in 3 strides anymore, in fact she can hardly run. Though once in awhile she'll get that mischievous look in her eye and act like her young goofy self and try to run and pounce around. She has difficulties standing up so she doesn't greet us at the door, but that doesn't mean she doesn't love us. There are different stages in life, Todd and I have even noticed some differences now that we're in our 50's in regard to our bodies - it's all part of life, whether you're a dog or a human. TREASURE & ACCEPT EACH STAGE OF LIFE

- Just because Asha has health issues does NOT mean that she's ready to go to the rainbow bridge. As an adult, I've had 4 animals in my home... 2 cats who lived to 16 1/2 and 19... then Kai our greyhound who was 13. Fortunately, we have the ability to let animals go peacefully when they're ready.... when my first cat was declining rapidly, I had no idea what to do and never in a million years thought I would know WHEN or even if I could make the decision to let him go peacefully - and didn't want to have to make that decision... and then that time came and I absolutely knew. You just know, you listen to 'what' - I don't know... your intuition, your guides, your fur baby... they tell you. We've had so many ups and downs with Asha for 9 months now - I swear she has 9 lives. I've balled my eyeballs out so many times thinking this was IT, she's leaving us - and then she gets better! ENJOY EACH MOMENT... YOU DON'T KNOW WHEN IT'S YOUR TIME NOR ANYONE'S TIME TO LEAVE OUR PHYSICAL BODIES

- Todd and I have been migrating through our house... Asha started having issues with a small set of stairs going to the master bedroom where she thought she had to jump. So we started sleeping in the guest bedroom. Then she started having issues with the steps from the guest bedroom. So we moved the guest bed to our living room and are glamping in our living room - we're living as if we're in a studio apartment when we have 3 bedrooms-haaahaa! And we think of it as camping, an adventure. It's for her, and it's what we do and we're happy to do it. GO WITH THE FLOW WITH A SENSE OF ADVENTURE

Thank you Asha for teaching me these important lessons during 2020, a crazy time, yet a time that's brought more insights about life than ever before. I'm forever grateful for your love, your wisdom, your gifts.

What lessons have you learned from your fur babies? Please let me know by writing a comment below.


Kathleen Naomi