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Three Best Things About Owning a Biz in Mexico

three best things about owning a biz in mexico


Do you want to meet interesting people?

Do you want to meet people from all over the world?

We do!

When you own an ice cream biz in Puerto Vallarta, you're the popular kids on the block! Others find us because they saw our House Hunters International episode, and they want to know what it's like to live in Vallarta and own a business.

In fact, we've met more than one person who said they've moved here because they saw us on HGTV and we inspired them!

It's interesting to meet people when you live in a foreign country - you feel more connected, you feel a special bond. It's much easier to bond when you don't live surrounded by familiar family and friends.

Kathleen Naomi Atkins & Todd Atkins


It feels good to own a business when you can make a positive impact on the world.

We hire locals, treat them with respect and value their opinions.

We help several groups in the community with donations and gift cards.

We make people happy - seriously, orgasmically happy with incredible decadent natural handmade ice cream (and frozen stuffed bananas dipped in our belgian chocolate, and homemade cookie sandwiches)!

In Mexico, the little things you do when you have a business can make a huge difference. And we believe/hope we're making a positive footprint.

Really, that's what life's all about.


Would you be afraid to leave your country of origin?

We were.

But we wanted to - we were ready for an exciting adventure.

In Chicago, we worked 24/7. Most days looked like this:

Wake up

Get ready for work

Drive to work


Drive Home

Fix Something to eat


Watch TV, relax, work on my hobby biz


Next day, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

The question for me was, 'Why do I feel so DEAD each day?' Should I be feeling this way? Isn't there more?

Todd and I both wanted to meet interesting people and lead an interesting life. We were ready for a BIG CHANGE, a new and exciting change. And we wanted to feel the sand beneath our toes and the warmth of the sun on our skin.

Most importantly, we wanted to feel alive.

Was moving to Mexico the smartest financial move? Probably not. Was it risky? Hell yes. Was it a little scary? For sure. When we moved we weren't even sure we were going to get the ice cream biz.

Having a business in Puerto Vallarta has given us new challenges and a new lifestyle. I no longer feel dead when I wake in the morning. Most mornings we can take our time, have a cup of coffee on the terrace and make breakfast, walk the dogs. Each day is a little different. Todd and I spend 100% more time with each other, more time with the dogs, more time to live. There are times when we still work hard, but that's around three or four months a year - and our goal is to hire people who can take over much of what we do, so that we are only overseeing the business.

In our previous life, we looked forward to one or two weeks of vacation a year - or for the next shopping trip for new clothes or a shiny new gadget. In Mexico we live EACH DAY, are more active, are outside 80% more, the windows and doors are open to the fresh air almost 365 days a year, spend time with each other - our dogs - friends or family, meet lots of people and are learning to be more patient and slow down.

Find out Larleen's favorite part about owning a business in Mexico.

Itching to know more nitty gritty details about owning a business in Mexico? Write a comment below, I'd be happy to answer.


Kathleen Naomi

In loving memory of Francine.

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