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Becoming a Psychic Medium . Chapter 4 - a big city

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i would be a Psychic Medium


One night when I was thirteen

I sat on the porch at night with my bestie, my dog

In my small Illinois farm town of 550 people

And looked out at the dark night

The millions of stars

Knowing that there was a whole wide world out there

Waiting for me

It came to me

The knowing

I knew I'd live in these places....

  1. Texas

  2. California

  3. A big city

  4. A foreign country


It was 2001

I was living in San Diego

With my first husband

Working at Nokia as a software engineer part-time

And studying acting

The thought kept entering my mind

It would be amazing to study acting

in New York City at the Meisner school

Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre

My husband was all in

Super supportive

And at the time was being sent to New Jersey for work trips

He asked if they wanted him to live in New Jersey for a few years

So that I could attend the acting school in New York City

He was in New Jersey on a trip when he asked his boss

His boss said yes

However, he said there were two managers that would not allow it

And listen to this

The previous evening, my husband picked up those same two managers

At the New Jersey airport

And they loved my husband

And said, 'sure, you can work in New Jersey for a few years!'


It was meant to be

Listen to those thoughts, nudges

A BIG CITY . September 8, 2001

On September 8, 2001

My husband, me and our two cats moved to New York City

We purchased a condo near the Neighborhood Playhouse

On the upper east side

However the closing took a few months

So my husband's company put us in a temporary condo

On 57th and Broadway

Three days later

Was 9/11

It was shock, sadness, compassion, love of all around

Just three days after 9/11

We started classes at the Neighborhood Playhouse

And every time I heard a siren the next few years

The memory of that day came back

A BIG CITY . Rollercoaster of Emotions

In November, only 2 months later

Without getting into details

I knew that my first marriage was over

At the same time, classes at the Acting School

Were super emotional


Stripping you of you

So that you could be someone else

In the moment

It felt like I was in the movie Fame

On steroids

Acting, Singing, Voice, Alexander Technique

Dancing (in the very same room that Martha Graham used)

Naked people in acting scenes

Cursing everywhere

Classmates doing the infamous Meisner repeating exercises

Screaming, yelling, crying

Stripping away the ego

In the moment

I absolutely LOVED it!

It was one of the happiest times

It was one of the saddest times

After the first year of school

You have to be asked back for the second year

About one fourth of the students are asked back

I had no intention of attending two years

Though after that first year

I wanted it more than anything

And I was accepted into the second year

Kathleen Naomi on cover of Neighborhood Playhouse Brochure

A BIG CITY . Spirit Introduction

While I was living in Manhattan two things of spiritual significance occurred


I was at Barnes & Noble

Randomly browsing books and selected

'Trust Your Vibes' by Sonia Choquette

She's written several books, is a Psychic and teacher

And the journey of learning spirit began


After I graduated from the Neighborhood Playhouse

We sold our condo near the school

With my two cats, I moved to the upper west side in Manhattan

To a historic building

As soon as we stepped into that apartment

One of my cats hid under the bed

She'd eat if I brought food

She'd use the litter box if I placed her in it

Then she'd immediately hide under the bed

My vet told me she sounded physically fine

I was telling this story in a chiropractor's waiting room

A patient in the room heard the story and told me

To smudge the condo with white sage

I was desperate

Found a store that sold white sage

Smudged the condo

And my cat immediately came out from under the bed

As if nothing happened

I later found out that before I'd moved in

A crazy guy lived there

And did not want to leave

For example, he smeared his feces on the walls

That kind of crazy

Sage smudging is something I've since learned to use regularly

To clear the energy in my house

And I use it almost every day before meditation

has Larleen visited or lived in New York City?

A BIG CITY . Violence

I was never in a fight in my life

Until NYC

Two events happened


It was 2003

Two of my nephews were visiting

We had just arrived at the Statue of Liberty

When we were escorted immediately back to the boat

It was the infamous black-out of New York

And several other states

There was chaos

Traffic was at a standstill

No subway trains, buses, cabs

And we had several miles to walk to the upper west side

At one point a car almost hit us as we crossed a road

I lightly tapped the side

The guy stopped his car

Got out and started crazy yelling at one of my nephews

I told him that I barely hit his car because he almost hit us

The guy then came after me

I yelled back and was trying to act crazier than him

(one of my NY friends told me that that's what he does,

act crazier than the other person and they'll go away)

Then the guy threw me to the cement ground

It didn't work so well for me

Fortunately guys in light blue utility shirts appeared

and held him back

I was hurt, scraped up, my neck hurt

And all I wanted to do was cry

But I was the adult aunt

So I told my nephews that this is crazy NYC

No worries

Everything's fine

And we kept walking

And walking


In 2004

At around 8:30pm

I was walking home on Broadway

On the upper west side

Big sidewalk

Very well lit

Not a lot of people

All of a sudden a big man was staggering straight toward me

With glassy eyes

I moved to the side

He then took his hand

And slapped me as hard as he could on the back of my neck

I went flying to the ground

My hat flew off

Fortunately he didn't continue coming for me


A few months after this last violent incident

I saw a moving truck on my street

And wished it was me

That's when I knew that I was done with NYC

I loved living in this amazing creative place for three years

Loved walking everywhere and catching a subway

But it was time

(One of my neighbors, a native New Yorker who's always lived in Manhattan

told me she had never had anything violent happen to her

reminds me that things happen for a reason)

I moved back to Chicagoland

To be near family

So far three places came true in my life that I knew as a young girl

I knew I'd live in these places....

  1. Texas

  2. California

  3. A big city

  4. A foreign country

This was A BIG CITY, next is overseas! I always thought I'd live in Japan since my mom is Japanese and my family is there. Who knew it'd be Mexico.

it's simple, do you

xo Kathleen Naomi


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