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Becoming a Psychic Medium . Chapter 3 - california

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i would be a Psychic Medium


One night when I was thirteen

I sat on the porch at night with my bestie, my dog

In my small Illinois farm town of 550 people

And looked out at the dark night

The millions of stars

Knowing that there was a whole wide world out there

Waiting for me

It came to me

The knowing

I knew I'd live in these places....

  1. Texas

  2. California

  3. A big city

  4. A foreign country


Larleen wants to go to California for one reason...

I've always had two passions

Colors/Design and Acting

Acting soon started calling

I had no experience

My small home town of 550 people had no theatre I also thought everyone wanted to be an actor

During my Management Informations Systems career


At a junior college

And then

Two interesting things happened


At a friend's birthday party there was a hypnotist

I was selected to go up front

And perform, being hypnotised

That felt like a huge first step

I was always so shy

And yet, I loved being on stage

Even hypnotis


I was at the David Copperfield show in Vegas

For his last magic trick

Many balloons were released and the audience hits them around the theatre

When the music stops, if you have a balloon, you go on stage

I absolutely KNEW I would be on stage

When the music stopped, all the balls were at the back of the theatre

That's strange, I was positive I was going on stage

Then I looked up - falling directly at me from out of nowhere

Was the biggest balloon

And I went on stage, and David made me and the group disappear

Not long after these two events

I was chronically ill

From allergies in Chicago

So my husband and I decided to move to San Diego

Once we made the decision,

Everything happened quickly and easily

My husband found a job right away

The company was paying for our move

Our house sold in two weeks

We flew to San Diego and found a house to buy

When it's meant to be

Things are easy peasy

Kathleen Naomi, Spiritual Geisha with magical tree


We moved to San Diego in December 1999.

One night I was in the front room of our San Diego house sitting at the desk and

All of a sudden, our very huge, heavy, locked front door

Flew open

On its own

Later that night

I turned on the stove to make hot water for tea

My husband was washing the dishes

And we were chatting

Then I noticed...

The burner on the stove had turned off

On its own

At the same time I was freezing bone cold

As if I was possessed by a spirit

I'd never felt anything like that

The next day there were three signs

I. I read a book that mentioned acting

II. I saw an ad in a newspaper looking for actors

III. I watched an Oprah show about following your passion,

which to me meant acting

So I started studying Acting

And worked part-time at Nokia as a software test engineer

The first class I took was a commercial acting class

Where an agent signed me up right away

I realized the acting classes I felt most connected with

Were the Meisner technique classes

They felt natural

The thought kept entering my mind

That there's a school in New York City

Where Meisner created this technique

The Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre

How amazing it would be to attend this school

Next story...

Would I attend the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre

in New York City?


Before I go

A few ghost stories

I. I was making brownies and the temperature

Raised on its own from 350 to 550 degrees

II. Every time my husband traveled for business

In the middle of the night

My weather alert alarm would go off

So I slept with the light on

I did NOT want to see ghosts, the thought scared me to death

Thinking about it now

I believe it was a prankster ghost

Versus the first time when I felt possessed, when I was guided to acting

Felt like a spirit guide

Coming up next

Did I make it to the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre

In New York City

it's simple, do you

xo Kathleen Naomi


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