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Becoming a Psychic Medium . Chapter 2 - texas

Never in my wildest dreams did i imagine i'd be a Psychic Medium


One summer night when I was thirteen

I sat on the porch with my bestie, my dog

In my small Illinois farm town of 550 people

And looked out at the dark sky

The millions of stars

Knowing that there was a whole wide world out there

Waiting for me

That was one of the moments I knew

The knowing

That I'd live in these places....

  1. Texas

  2. California

  3. A big city

  4. A foreign country


I was always drawn to Texas

Even as a little girl

Something about it was romantic

Cowboys, ranches, Dallas Cowboys and the pretty Cheerleaders

I wanted to be one of them

When I was a junior in high school

It was that time

To think of a career path

Or at least if and where you'd attend college

I had no interest in attending a University at that time

My two passions as a child - acting and interior design

So when one of my classmates (class of 30 people)

Had a friend attending a fashion school in Arlington, Texas

That was my sign

And I was beyond ECSTATIC

a) to move to Texas

b) to attend a Fashion School

And that, my friend, is when you KNOW

When you can decide to DO YOU

Your body tells you everything

When it feels beyond ECSTATIC

That's YOU

On a cool Fall Day in 1982

I packed my big green Caprice Classic

With two suitcases and my small white 13" tv

Followed my parents car

And drove from Cornell, Illinois to Arlington, Texas

When my parents dropped me off at the Fashion School

And I watched them drive down the road

Heading back to Illinois

My heart had a hole as big as China

I never felt more lost and lonely in my life

All I knew was my parents, my big sis, my friends, my dog, my hometown

All that was gone

I was in new territory

my parents in front of the Fashion School before they drove back to Illinois

Arlington, Texas was nothing like my small town

It was big, fast, expensive

And I didn't know anyone

Some with a southern accent

Some even from the midwest where I was from

Yet they were all strangers

As much as I knew I was meant to be in Texas

At this Fashion School

I balled my eyes out every night for a year

It was the toughest year of my life

It was also my first life-line

To see the world, to grow, to start to learn - to be the real me

the small white tv is on the left

My parents paid for my schooling

And living expenses so that I didn't have to work that year

And could focus on school

And they sent me a ticket to visit them at Christmas

They didn't have tons of money

So I appreciated everything they did

And for having faith in me

And sending me to this school

It meant the world

Kathleen Naomi at fashion school

I attended Fashion School for one year

And I knew that was enough of that

I didn't have a good instinct about the school

In regard to where it would take me

And I didn't want to waste my parents money

So I decided to stay in Texas

And get a job as a secretary

Until I figured out what I wanted to do

Going back to Illinois at this time would have felt like

A big failure

I needed to stay put for now

My first secretarial job was at a motorcycle distribution company

Where my boss screamed at everybody

Every day

So I found another job at LTV Aerospace and Defense Company

Working on the B2 Bomber project

Which at the time was a black hole top secret project

Back then the guy sitting behind me smoked all day

Ja ja, oh the good old days

big hair days

Eventually I knew I wanted more

And started taking college courses part-time

My boss's advice was to study the field of computers

His son was heading in that direction

We didn't even have computers then

I typed on an electric typewriter

One day it was crystal clear that I would move back to Illinois

and attend a University

Again, it was that excitement I felt in my body

The excitement that you can't ignore

That's when you DO YOU

Even though I had a boyfriend in Texas

I knew in my heart that he wasn't the one

He had already cheated on me

Yet I had gone back to him

I had no confidence back then

I did know that I was leaving anyway

Seven years after I left Illinois

I was heading back home

good bye lunch from the girls i worked with

still one of my besties today

In 1989

I packed up a small u-haul with my furniture and clothes

That we attached to my parents truck

Who once again drove to Texas

This time to pick me up

Hopped in my used grey manual BMW-320i

And drove back home to Illinois to attend Northern Illinois University

Where I received my bachelors in Accounting

And my masters in Management Information Systems

my parents truck and the uhaul at my apartment in Arlington

Interesting observation when I lived in Texas...

everyone dressed up to go EVERYWHERE

including the grocery store

not sure if it's still like that - I doubt it

Larleen's tidbit about Texas...

Coming up next

Ghosts in California

it's simple, do you

xo Kathleen Naomi


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