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Releasing Boobs In Mexico/Breast Implant Issues


Do you love boobs

Do you think large or small boobs are sexy

Do you have breast implants

Do you think your boobs are too big or too small

Do you feel comfortable talking about boobs

Are you wondering what this article is about

Whether it's BOOBS or BOOTY, I'm pissed that I bought into the fairytale that I need to meet societal standards to LOOK SEXY


I almost didn't write it - "I'll be embarrassed, I'll be ridiculed." Those voices are the ego and I'm done listening to it

Throughout my upbringing, I was persuaded by this fairytale:

to be beautiful as a woman, you need to be very skinny and have big boobs

When I was in high school in the late 70s and early 80s, I weighed 108 pounds and was worried about gaining weight. The bathroom scale was my friend - I may have been anorexic (back then, there was no word for it - it was called “wanting to look like a supermodel”). And I kept waiting, but my boobs didn't grow much.

In 1999, I had breast implant surgery at the age of 35

Before 2019, I NEVER EVER EVER talked about my boobs

Certain personal topics were taboo where I grew up, even with your friends

Sure, maybe you’d talk about your school crush or whether you were going to work at Dunkin Donuts during summer break - that's it

Plus my mother's Japanese, and in that culture, certain things about yourself are private or embarrassing and are expected to remain private

Now that I'm in my 50's, I’m free of society’s handcuffs and am done worrying about what others think

And this story may help others

release the boobs (in mexico)

I had my breast implants removed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2019


They were 20 years old and I heard my spirit guides tell me it was time

The words “You need to remove your breast implants”

Bombarded my thoughts for a whole year

At first my response was, “No, HELL NO! I don't want to remove them".

Eventually my response was "HMMM... Do I have to? What will I look like without them? Will my husband still think I'm sexy? Will I still think I'm sexy?

There was also some physical pain in that area.

And I had major mystery health issues (details below)

It must be time

The feeling got stronger until I knew it was time to let them go

Kathleen Naomi's character Larleen
Larleen Pre Surgery


I definitely didn't want to replace them, I was ready to go “all naturale”


First, I have the Asian gene that doesn't process alcohol or any drug; so, the thought of having to go through this same surgery again and again... in three, seven, ten, twenty years was scary.

Second, I'm in my 50s and I'm ready to accept my body the way it is. I'm tired of others or the media telling me what pretty looks like.

Just as important, there was some pain around the boob area and I had the mystery health problems - maybe the implants were the cause.

We're all sexy in our own way. If I'd seen the tv-show “GIRLS” twenty years ago, I POSITIVELY ABSO-FRICKEN-LUTELY WOULD NOT have gotten breast implants. This girl is sexy, and she knows it. She doesn't have a skinny body with big boobs, she has her own beautiful body as it is and is proud to show it off. Love that girl!


Healthcare in Mexico is Excellent

My breast implant removal process was amazing

My doctor was open to natural antibiotics post surgery, prescribed by a naturopath

The medical-vacation market in Mexico is huge.

Between 800,000 and one million Americans go to Mexico every year for medical services, dental care, or cosmetic surgery because not only does this country south of the border have great doctors and hospitals, it’s much cheaper than the US.

Typically, Americans can save between 40% to 70% of its costs. Healthcare was a critical reason we moved to Mexico. In the US, our healthcare costs were astronomical and didn't cover much, including natural preventative healthcare.

Breast Implants Can Cause Health Issues

My implants were saline; however, the outer cover was silicone.

I've discovered more and more stories about health issues related to breast implants.

I felt my body deteriorate and my health decline after having breast implants for 10 years.

I had chronic back pain and was in a constant state of extreme discomfort. My tight back made me so uncomfortable that it was difficult to breathe. I searched and scoured for a treatment to little avail. What did help the most was Pilates.

Another major health scare I had during the last 10 years was feeling dizzy, difficulty breathing, seizures, passing out, and panic attacks.

The first time I passed out was when I got up to pee in the middle of the night. After I peed and stood up, I felt intense pain in my heart and blacked out. When I woke up, I was having seizures, my body was covered with beads of sweat, and I was peeing, even though I had just peed. After several tests on my brain and heart, the doctors couldn't find anything wrong and attributed the incident from low blood pressure after getting up in the middle of the night—a vasovagal syncope.

I passed out a handful of times after that during the next 10 years, usually when I was peeing but not always. Some scary moments were when I was sitting with friends simply eating lunch and would suddenly feel as if I was going to pass out.

Drinking lots of water sometimes helped, but I still often felt dizzy and foggy.

I remember several times at night when going to bed - it was difficult to breathe, which made me feel panicked, and I felt that I would pass out, it felt like I was losing my body. It was frightening. I'd ask my husband to be near me because I didn't know what would happen.

Immediately after my implants were removed, the intense back pain WAS GONE - POOF! I didn't want to get my hopes up, maybe the implants were not the cause. Fast forward to the present time - it's been several months later, and the intense back pain has NOT returned!


What My Body Says


At this time in my life, I feel a deep connection to my body and spirit.

When the implants were out of my body, my body immediately did a HAPPY DANCE... my body feels amazing and FREE!

Another relief is that I no longer feel the sharp pains I’d sometimes got from the implants.


Breast Implant Advice

My advice is not to get breast implants. Though in no way am I telling you that you should remove your implants or that you shouldn't get them.

The decision is different for everyone.

I'm sharing my story because it may help others and to encourage you to be aware of what your body tells you.

If you have health issues after receiving breast implants and you and your doctor can't find a cause, do some research on breast implant illness.

Some people feel sick immediately some develop issues years after, and others may never have health issues with breast implants.

post surgery

best surgery ever

I've had only a couple of surgeries in my life (the last one was a hysterectomy).

This time I had a naturopath on my side who helped prepare me with natural care both pre and post surgery. I've learned incredible tips from my naturopath about healthcare while living in Puerto Vallarta, so I knew she'd have the best advice. She told me which foods and natural supplements to consume and which ones to avoid. She said that you must get your immune system strong before surgery, including peace of mind, which is just as important. And, of course, she recommended and provided natural antibiotics for after the surgery.

Day of the Surgery

I had a local stabilizer in my spine and some drugs to make me a little loopy, but no general anesthesia.

After surgery, I felt a little dizzy

By day two, I was surprised at how good I felt!

I attribute that to the local anesthesia and natural antibiotics, plus a strong immune system and peaceful mind.

when larleen found out..

boobage regrets

A part of me misses my boobs. Hey, they were with me for 20 years, of course I miss them.

The stigma of what our body SHOULD look like doesn't go away with the snap of your fingers.

I'm well on my way to accepting who I am and what I look like - I'd say 92% there.

CONFIDENCE is sexy, KNOWING who you are is sexy.

I'm excited to be all me! I'm excited that my body is happy! I'm excited about not listening to what everyone else says or what society says about what I need to look like.

Any questions about losing your boobs, reach out to me


Kathleen Naomi


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