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PV Life Jacket during the Pandemic

Who/What were your life jackets during the pandemic?

I had three:

  1. My greyhound Asha

  2. My husband Todd

  3. Paco Ojeda's Coffee & Headlines

Paco Ojeda's Coffee & Headlines

1. Translates local Puerto Vallarta news into English... which is incredibly important for many reasons... to figure out what was going on with Covid in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta for several months - especially critical for business owners like Todd and I. We had to know if we could keep our business open, when we had to close, what times we had to close. And if we could be open, what are the rules to follow to ensure we, our workers, and everyone else is safe. We had to close for three months in 2020 - March to May.

2. Offers interesting and fun news about Puerto Vallarta and other topics in Mexico.

3. Creates a positive fun community that feels like a family.

We first met Paco in the beginning of 2017, which wasn't long after we moved to Vallarta. He's a man of many talents, photography being one of them - he's photographed our business....

Kathleen and Todd, Lix's 'Went with the Wind' Tribute

He's super creative and loves humor as much as Todd and I, so when Paco asked if anyone in his Coffee & Headlines community would like to create an intro for his show, we jumped!

Our intro is similar to what Paco says and we absolutely HAD to have some of his mannerisms and his 'look':

* bald head

* beard

* goattee

* babadee doo doo (he says this when he's searching through viewers comments)

* his infectious laugh



Kathleen Naomi


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