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Damn Mad About Perfume

What do perfume and Mr. Bubble have in common?

Brilliant commercials

Who else waited for Mr. Bubble to appear?

Mr. Bubble commercials started in 1961

Oh how I loved Mr. Bubble commercials

As kids, my sis and I would excitedly gather bubbles into a face-sized mound

And wait and wait and wait

For Mr. Bubble

We even sang the Mr. Bubble song

Alas, Mr. Bubble never appeared

I was devastated

I just knew he would make an appearance

He never did

I truly believed the commercial

And then there are the perfume commercials

Perfume makes you desirable


I'm all in!

Do you know the truth about perfume and other toxic scents?

Kathleen Naomi through the trees

PERFUME . why does it make me feel sick

(including scented lotions . cologne . car scents . cleaners.... that are not made with natural scents - essential oils for instance)

For years I wore my favorite perfume

I wanted to smell good

As the commercials said

It made me desirable

And everyone was wearing it

It also made me super NAUSEOUS

And yet, I still wore it

Not really connecting the dots that

When I wore it, I felt sick

Or not wanting to know


I assumed that what we eat

What we wear

Is 'okay' and must be healthy

I must just be over-sensitive to scents


I was 46 years old when I learned that

Most perfumes/scents in products - are toxic

The ingredients

Are disgusting if you do your research

Ingredients such as liquids used to make plastics

Ingredients that cause cancer, damage to organs

Make you Sick . Literally

This makes me damn mad

And it should make you damn mad too

Why are toxic chemicals allowed in items that we put on our skin

Our laundry detergent

Our cleaning solutions

Our makeup

Now that I know better

I do better

Not perfect, not always

But better

There ARE some perfumes that are

Made with natural ingredients

I buy and use essential oils

The smell is magical . most are healing

And no harsh chemicals

From what I understand

Doterra and Young Living

are two of the most revered essential oils

Based on how they're extracted

One of the most important things I've learned in almost 60 years...

NATURAL is best

More on NATURAL later in regard to medicine

Did you already know about perfume? If so, how long did it take you to find out?


Kathleen Naomi


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