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Life and Death Thoughts

FIRSTS... first time that an orchid re-flowered for me (i left it outside and thought it was gone, maybe i watered it once in a blue moon). sometimes being left alone is all you need to bloom again.

Purple Orchid

march 2021

this is my birthday month.

have thought a lot about life and death lately.


a few weeks ago a friend died that Todd and I met in Puerto Vallarta - Jerry, a talented artist, singer, composer, musician from around the small Illinois town that I grew up in. we only met him because we live in PV, and he and his wife love vacationing here - maybe they saw us on House Hunters, don't remember for sure how they found us. think he felt comfortable reaching out to me because he could relate to my character Larleen - the real me may seem standoffish or stuck up, really i'm just sometimes shy and an introvert - but Larleen, that girl's down to earth and brash, never shy to say what's on her hillbilly mind. never would have met him had we stayed in Chicago. he was a bigger than life personality who's never met a stranger and lived life to the fullest.

later that same week my greyhound Asha passed. my eyes water at the thought of her. sometimes i feel panicky that she's not here. i know she's here in spirit, that she's a part of me now - i felt her soul combine with mine when she left. she can run free and joyfully be her goofy self again, next to our boy Kai. she can lick his ears again. i still miss touching her bunny soft white fur, seeing her beautiful eyes, and feeling her loving energy in our home.

last night my brother-in-laws mother died. i didn't know her well and i'm sad for my sis and brother-in-law and all the family that will miss her.

life and death

it happens to us all - the birds and the bees,

the trees






it's not something to fear.

it's the experience.

accept it, embrace it.

i choose to accept it and live life to its fullest while i'm here.

to follow those hunches from my guides, from my spirit, whatever you want to name it.

be a good person.

be EVERYTHING that i can be while i'm here-serving my unique purpose.

and remember to laugh.

to smile.

to focus on what makes me happy.

we're a soul in a human body

this is but a moment

it is

what we choose

xo Kathleen Naomi


Kathleen, I love your writings. They are so real... so thoughtful, and filled with your own personal feelings. You share thoughts that seem so very personal and it makes me feel closer to you. I am grateful for our friendship, you and Todd. You are a lovely woman who is very open, transparent, kind, generous, and grateful. I'm glad to be in your world.

Kathleen Naomi
Kathleen Naomi
Mar 27, 2021
Replying to

Thank you Lynda for taking the time to write this lovely note. I'm glad that you feel closer to me, for many years I was afraid for anyone to get close to me or know my feelings, so it's a wonderful feeling. Todd and I are also grateful to know you and Larry. xoxo

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