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I Woke Up the Neighbors in the Next Building

Kathleen Naomi's character Larleen

It was around midnight.

I opened the bathroom door and turned on the light.


I felt confused - there was something all of a sudden ON ME


as the light brightened the room

I saw the BIIIIIIIIGGEST HUNTSMAN SPIDER I HAVE EEEEVER SEEN land ever so gently on his eight big legs about 4 feet away after gracefully spring boarding off my hand.

He was at least 7 inches in diameter



Yes I did wake up the neighbors.

I heard our neighbor upstairs and a neighbor in the BUILDING NEXT DOOR outside - talking to each other and wondering who was murdered.

Ohhhhhhhh, my heart felt that it was beating a million miles a minute.

HAAAAHAA... I can only laugh at it now, but dang they scare the bajeebies out of me.

one disadvantage of living in a tropical place next to a jungle

if spiders make you cringe

I would love to get used to them, to call them my friend... well maybe just be 'okay' with them in the house.

I know they eat cockroaches and mosquitoes, which is lovely.

They are not poisonous to humans.

Why does the site of such a VERY LARGE spider scare me?

I was petrified of spiders all my life until a few years ago, when I finally came to peace with them and was okay with them in the house... BUT NOT GINORMOUS SPIDERS (and by the way, this is not the first huntsman to fall on me, one fell on me last year as well when i opened a window).

interesting fact about these fast as hell spiders who don't need to spin a web because they are speedy... "Usain Bolt , runs at a sluggish 5.2 body lengths per second. Huntsman spiders run 16 body lengths per second." They can also do the long jump, as I've witnessed more than once.

Did I get a photo? Ah yah no... but I'm posting one here for you to see.

Meanwhile, if you're into spirit animals,

they have an awesome meaning, and YEP, I'm the one who keeps seeing them or have them fall on me so this must be my message...

"Spider spirit animals as messengers of change. If the spider spirit animal comes crawling its way to your life, it signifies the direction that your life will be taking. It also represents the feminine energy that is at work in your life, or the feminine traits that are working well for you, like creativity, receptivity, and patience."

As Paul Harvey used to say....

Good DAY


Kathleen Naomi

P.S. In the Summer of 2021 I conquered my fear of Huntsmans. One day I saw one in the dining area and named him George. I looked at George a very long time. He wasn't scared of me, he knew I was okay with him. I thanked George for eating the mosquitoes that bite me.

Interesting fact - we don't see many Huntsmans inside the house anymore, now that I've accepted them.


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