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It's Time

YOU CAN FEEL IT.  When you put one little toenail forward on this journey to your magic, people'll notice. They'll see flickers of your light until it becomes so bright they'll need to wear sunglasses. They'll wonder where you found it and want some of that.

These 5 life-changing steps are easy.  After awhile they'll be in your bones and you won't have to think about them at all, they'll just be a part of you, who you are and what you do. That doesn't mean life will always be easy, it DOES mean that you'll be able to handle the ups and downs in an authentic, peaceful way - as the BEST YOU.

I've had countless numbers of people (from strangers to people I've known all my life) tell me I have 'a sparkling light about me'.  I feel it, I know it, people see it - and they'll see it in you too.

How did I create these 5 Steps? I asked from my heart. My guides sent them, and I absolutely know they work because I've lived them, applied all of them.

I'm simply a messenger.

Start   WRITING ,  READING ,  DOING  the following steps every day.

Be consistent and one day you'll start to feel some magic, your magic.

Crystal Salt

step 1
trust your instincts

Not sure if you have instincts?  You definitely do.


Your body NEVER EVER lies, and it ALWAYS knows everything. If something or someone feels right, makes you excited, full of life - then follow that path or person. If something or someone makes you feel icky, bad, sick to your stomach - run in the other direction. It sounds easy, it truly is once you start listening to your body.


Sometimes you just know things but you don't trust it - it may be a thought that pops into your head. Things don't just pop in there for no reason. Start trusting it, that's your soul, your angels, your guides helping you - giving you a nudge in the right direction. Follow those whispers and you'll find the magic.


DATING MR WRONG: Once I fell in love, I wanted him to be 'the one' and didn't want to let go. But my body ALWAYS knew if he was Mr. Wrong - I'd have a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach or a tightness in my throat. I'd write a pro/con list to see if I should stay with him. Today, I know for sure that if you have to write a pro/con list, he or she is NOT the one for you. As much as it'll hurt your heart, trust your body and move on. There's someone waiting out there who's INCREDIBLE for you! But you won't find them if you hang on to Mr. Wrong.


MOVING TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY: When my husband and I decided to move to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico from Chicago, we were soooo excited that we couldn't stand it! Our whole bodies had the goosies! There were a few times we thought about it with our logical brains - if we stayed in the U.S., it would be safe financially. We were both making good money, and if we moved to Mexico we didn't know for sure what we'd do. Yet we couldn't stop being so fricken' excited and we'd also worked hard for many years and had money saved up. So we knew it was the right time and PV was the right place. This decision changed and opened our lives in many incredible ways.

step 2
notice your thoughts

You have thoughts all day long. Have you paid attention to them?


They can raise your energy, they can bring you down, they can make you feel incredible, they can make you feel bad. Start listening to your thoughts several times a day. Notice what thoughts make you feel amazing and decide to think those kind of thoughts. That doesn't mean you have to be airy fairy happy all the time - allow yourself to be sad, angry, give yourself permission. But you make the decision about what you think. Be in charge - find the thoughts that are good for you, make you stronger, more confident, more you.

What you watch on television or on your phone also affect your thoughts. Notice your thoughts after watching something, and based on that, you might change what you watch or adjust the amount of time watching it.


When something happens that you don't want to happen, what do you do? Do you fight it, obsess about it? Want a different outcome? If you don't accept what is, you'll feel shitty and be in more pain (physically or mentally). Once you accept what is, breathe deeply. Sometimes things happen and it was just meant to be at that perfect time. That doesn't mean you won't feel intense sadness at times, it does mean that your life will get easier and open up to love and peace, acceptance and gratitude.


CANKER SORE:  During and after braces on my teeth, I often developed canker sores on my gums. I hated them, fought them, obsessed about them. And tried everything under the sun to get rid of them. Even put salt on them because it hurt like hell so I figured the pain would be less or the salt would dissolve it - didn't help, the pain was worse than ever and they would last two weeks. One day I heard advice about physical pain - tell whatever's in pain that you accept it. That's it? Sounds crazy but I was willing to try. The next time I had a canker sore, I told it that I accept it, I accept my mouth. IT WORKED! The pain went from a 10 to a 2. 


Think of something negative that's happened in your life for one minute, then notice how you feel. Now think of something positive that's happened in your life for one minute, then notice how you feel. 

Negative thoughts will drag you down, your energy, your life, will make you sick. Negative thoughts include judging others - every time you judge others, you're bringing negativity to yourself. Instead of judging, accept what is and think of something positive about the other person. Don't let others rule your thoughts. You rule your thoughts, You're in charge of You, and you can decide to focus on bringing good things to your life with POSITIVE, JOYFUL THOUGHTS.

Abstract Background

step 3
you're #1

Put yourself first. Yes you may have to work, take care of kids, go grocery shopping. That's part of life, it's the choices you make, do them with grace. You can still put yourself first.


What do you love to do, makes you feel ALIVE. Start making time for those things every day, even if it's for 5 minutes. Once you give yourself permission to do the things you love, you'll be a better person for YOU and for everyone around you.


You can compromise, you can negotiate, but be clear about what you want with yourself and with others. It's okay to disagree, it's not okay to be someone you're not because you want to please someone else. You're special, unique and important - put yourself first by letting others know what you want. The most important thing in your life is what You think of You.



If you don't want to go to a party, don't go. If you don't want a friend to visit on a Tuesday, schedule a different day. It's your life, your schedule. Sometimes you may want to compromise, but the majority of what you do needs to be what you want to do, always add boundaries when necessary. 


PARTIES: I thought I should love parties for years, until I realized I don't like parties - and that's okay! Surfacy chit chat is tough for me, I'd much rather have a deep conversation one on one or in a very small group of a few people. And I'd much rather be doing something at a party instead of talking - dancing, playing a game. Do I still go to parties? Yes. I have an exit plan though and limit the time I'm there. It feels empowering to know that i can say no, and I can say I need to leave without giving a reason.


SPOUSE: I need alone time to rejuvenate. Once I realized this, it was very hard for me to tell my husband that I needed alone time at least once a day if possible, even for a small amount of time. Then one day, I nervously told him. Guess what, he understood. And the more I started saying what I wanted, the easier it became.

step 4

OH NO! Not the dreaded meditate. 

That's what I used to think too.

I thought -  'I should meditate, but it's hard for me to sit still and think of nothing, it's boring, though it'll be good for me. I think I'll do something else instead'.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be boring, all you gotta do is find your way to meditate that's inspiring, fun, mind-blowing. And it could be different every time or the same every time, find YOUR MEDITATION. Whether you listen to a guided meditation, chant, go on a journey, set up a routine that you follow. I'll be working on special meditations for you, in the meantime, do a search for different methods. 

Once you find one or more methods that you like, and you do it every day for at least 5 minutes, you'll start craving meditation, it'll make each day more grounded and that's when you discover YOU. The REAL YOU.

There's some special gold when you quiet the ego chatter. 

Water Drops
Flower Shadow

step 5

If you're okay with being a hum drum 'just okay you', you'll never find the best you. But YOU'RE HERE! Which means your intention is to be a UNIQUE  MAGICAL  *SACRED YOU*.


All you have to do is one or all of these:





Just get it out there in the universe.

There's no right or wrong way of making an intention. Intentions can be big or small. Notice what you want, get it out there, and that's what you'll create. (Also, don't expect a certain time-line, that's not up to you)

That's it, the 5 Steps! You did it, Congratulations!

You started the Journey to the






I.  Read Them

II. Write/Draw Them

III. Do Them


They're easy 


But you have to do the work

Be consistent

Then one day, it's in your bones and becomes not what you do but who you are. 

Can't wait to hear about your journey! Send me a note.

xo Kathleen

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