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puerto vallarta, mexico

you can own a business in mexico 


and still stay



i'm kathleen naomi

a gypsy soul artist-preneur who promises to tell all about owning a biz in mexico, plus the secret survival tips of livin' in mexico as an ex-pat
tired of the rat race and ready to live the life of your dreams in Mexico?  
or just plain curious?

what's it REALLY  like to live and own a business in paradise
i'm gonna tell all - and maybe via one of my characters, like this one 
how'd i end up in puerto vallarta, mexico..

...with my hubby and two greyhounds?  Click here for the details.  I'm a gypsy soul that grew up in a  tiny midwest farm town of 500 people and ALWAYS knew I would move to ...


California, Texas, a big city, and another country -   yes (San Diego), yes (Dallas), yes (NYC) and yes (Mexico)..  they all happened.


My purpose is to create beauty, maybe make you laugh a little, & DEFINITELY make your life easier.

That's it, enjoy and just be you - cause who you are is like no other and you rock - oh, and be open to expecting miracles,


xo  Kathleen Naomi

Our Artisan Ice Cream Business

in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


actual drive from chicago to move to puerto vallarta, mexico in dec 2016 . this was in san luis potosi