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Kathleen Naomi, Spiritual Geisha . Journey to the Unique Magical Sacred YOU
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Journey to the


Psychic Medium, Storyteller, Business Owner in Mexico - Kathleen Naomi, Spiritual Geisha

Hi, I'm

Kathleen Naomi

spiritual geisha

Psychic Medium


Business Owner in Mexico

Guess what? It took a lifetime to become a magical me. I want the exact same thing for you, but instead of a lifetime, how about a shorter time-frame?  Like the time it takes to engulf in your favorite movie with a bowl of buttered popcorn and a refreshing spritzer.

Larleen character in Kathleen Naomi stories, storyteller

my journey
I was a petrified, scared girl
Immensely shy, yet strong minded
Sensitive about most things
Wanted attention
Knew everyone was better than me
To now
Knowing the MAGIC that I am
It was a Life Quest
Took a life-time to be Confident
Knowing, Trusting of My Instincts
Japanese American
Grew up in a 550 pop. farm town
Fashion school
B.S. & M.S. college degrees
Corporate career
Acting school in NYC
Created a couture dog collar biz
Owner of a gourmet artisan
Ice cream biz in Mexico (3 stores)
Psychic medium
This is my character Larleen
you'll meet her in my stories
What inspires me - help you find the BEST YOU, because nothing less will do. Your Unique, Magical, Sacred YOU

Spiritual Geisha

How do we do this? It's pretty simple,

* I share inspiring funny & baring-all personal stories

* Give you tons of resources to grow intuitively, spiritually

* Teach about natural that's worked for me & a gazillion others

* Provide confirmation, guidance, comfort by speaking to your spirits and guides

and soon, YOU

KNOW that you can do this on your own

* Awaken the magic and sacred knowledge within

* Live each day with a a joyous and loving you


Take the first step, click here

               FRICKEN YES, I WANT THIS!  

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