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Moving to Mexico - what to do with your stuff & the catastrophe the day before we left

So you might want to move to another country.

Have you thought about what to do with YOUR STUFF?

We decided to move to Mexico after our May 2016 vacation and gave ourselves six months to prepare, which included selling our house.

Our house sold at the end of October but we weren't moving until December. Plus I was attending an art show.

The stuff logistics was an octopus maze, the toughest part of moving to another country.

stuff logistics




3 TO PARENTS HOUSE - art show products/display (but they won't go to Mexico)

4. SHIP TO MEXICO - coordinate based on the house sale & PV arrival date

5. DAILY ITEMS FOR LIVING - keep stuff needed to live in our house until it sells

6. KEEP FOR WORK - keep dressy work clothes that we'll need after we sell our house (November) and while staying at a temporary hotel for six weeks (but will not go to Mexico)

7. KEEP FOR LAST 2 WEEKS ONLY - keep warm clothes needed for the last two weeks in cold Chicago while living at my parents house

8. KEEP FOR DRIVE - keep clothes needed for Art Show, the drive to PV and possibly clothes we might need in PV if our stuff doesn't arrive on time (but minimal number of clothes because they all have to fit in a pod on top of our car since our two greyhounds will take up the back space of our SUV)

9 FOR TEMPORARY HOUSING, PARENTS HOUSE, & PV DRIVE - dog beds, cooler for raw food, water & food bowls, dog snacks (and figure out where to get raw dog food on the drive)

10 BUY - one car pod that's large enough for three suitcases

the first surreal day

october 27, 2016

six weeks before the drive to Mexico

The day my husband, I and our two greyhounds moved out of our house

October 27, 2016


It was bittersweet, as it was our first house together

We had seven wonderful years in this house

Pouring our hearts out into renovating every room

When we first bought this Chicago bungalow

It took two weeks just to remove the wallpaper

Me and my two greyhounds

one of a kind show - chicago merchandise mart

december 1-4, 2016

I had my own business - creating and sewing couture dog collars

(plus a full-time corporate job)

I'd signed up for this show before we knew we'd be moving

With over 65,000 people attending, I couldn't miss it

By this time, the move was only days away

We were VERY excited

And told all our customers we were moving to Mexico - Come Visit Us!

Me with my couture dog collars & leashes booth

My friend Jadranka helped one day. My hubby also helped, and Pam and Celia!

one more day before the drive to pv

december 6, 2016

We're really moving to Mexico!

We'd been staying with my parents the last two weeks

In the morning, was a special vet appointment to give us the stamp of approval for our dogs to cross the Mexico border

We spent the afternoon prepping the car, attaching the pod, and other small last minute items. I tried not to get teary-eyed at the thought of leaving my parents. The evening was occupied with last minute checks on the best routes for the drive down to Laredo, then to PV.

I checked the leather satchel which stored all the important documents we needed for the border crossing.


Todd had taken the car title to the Mexican Consulate to get our car sticker for Mexico, but the lines were too long so he decided not to wait - after that, he can't remember what he did with the title.

Night before our drive, check out the snow!



Todd made several calls

And drove over an hour to Chicago to search at his previous work

After six months of planning

Our car title was missing

And we had to arrive in Puerto Vallarta on a certain day because our furniture was being delivered the day after we arrived

My dad said we could pick up a new title in Joliet

Which wasn't far and was on the route of our trip

.So we'd try in the morning.

Find out in the next article

did we get our car title?

did we have to delay our move to Mexico?

As exciting as this all was, the move was also heartbreaking

To be leaving family and friends in the U.S.

Mexico is close, yet also felt like a galaxy away

My character Larleen has a tough goodbye before she leaves the country

Have questions about planning a move like this?

I'd be happy to help, CLICK HERE

Journey to the Unique Magical *Sacred You*

xo Kathleen Naomi


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