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Drive to PV . Days 2-4

Recap from last post:


We found our car title and hit the road to Paradise!

Made it to Springfield, Missouri by 9pm amid a snow storm.

day 2 . december 8 2016

I thought of Robin Williams in the morning as I shouted


It's 18 fricken'degrees Fahrenheit BRRRR


I pulled on comfy Juicy sweats and took two minutes to curl my hair.

Do you feel better when you're dressed for the occasion and fix your hair and makeup?

I feel more motivated and ALIVE when I wear an eclectic or chic outfit and primp a little.

Now to remove all the snow that snuck into the pod from the snow storm the night before.

LOVED the animals roaming in big open fields.

At 10am, the Illinois driver facility called to let us know our new car title arrived. Todd replied, 'No thank you, we don't need it since we found the original title'. The driver facility said 'I'm sorry sir, the new title is the only official title now, your original title is no longer valid'.


We have to drive back to Illinois - we planned on visiting with friends in Dallas on the way - and we had to be in Vallarta before our furniture shipment arrival of December 13th. We decided to screw it - we'd take our chances. We'd get the official title later.


Heaven shines through in this photo.

By 5pm we arrive at my BFF's house in Arlington, Texas.

Texas - it's gotta be warm in Texas right? WRONG!

It was the coldest spell of the year in Texas - 30 degrees fahrenheit!

We would spend two nights with our friends Barb and Ed.

day 3 . december 9 2016

Good morning chilly Day 3 (still in the 30's).

By this time I was wondering how far we had to drive to warm up.

Barb and I had relaxing girl time - spa and lunch, while the guys did guy stuff. In the evening we had a fabulous steak dinner in Ft. Worth.

day 4 . december 10 2016

Time to continue the journey to Paradise!

It was another freezing day in Texas.

We packed up and Todd loaded the bags in the pod.

Then I heard the sound I dread from Todd, 'KAAAATTTHHH'.

Uh oh, I recognize that tone - what's wrong.

The key to the padlock broke and part of it was still in the lock.

It's okay, breathe and go with the flow - we're moving to Mexico after all!

Todd and Ed got the broken part of the key out of the padlock and went to two locksmiths to replicate the broken key but had no luck. So they bought another padlock, Todd drilled a hole in the pod, and we were ready.

Headed to Laredo, Texas - the border crossing to Mexico.

Austin, my favorite city in Texas.

Near the Alamo, San Antonio here.

By the way, our two greyhounds were perfect - not one peep from them. They slept or looked out the window, as they snuggled in their cozy Harry Barker dog beds.

We arrived in Laredo around 7:30pm.

Wonder what the next morning would be like when we cross the border?

This is when we became a little freaked out.

Even though we had an immigration attorney help us with the process, we were still concerned about crossing the border.

How's Larleen doing on her drive to Mexico? She looks a little concerned. (Me playin' Larleen, and introducing the voice of Billy Bob, played by Todd.

Next story


You won't believe what happened in the middle of the night

And how long we were at the border


Kathleen Naomi


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