Lix Telenovela Commercials

Updated: Jun 25

Telenovela are our favorite commercials to perform, we are in Mexico after all

here's the link to our non-telenovela commercials

and our pro commercial

the following commercials were

written, directed, filmed and acted by me and my husband Todd.

simple, creative, fun


YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT our very first commercial, at this time we had no idea we'd continue to make these commercials, it was the baby idea.

CURES EVERYTHING our second telenovela, can't have telenovela without someone close to dying.

GET OUT OF JAIL this may be my favorite, it was quick and witty, and felt right.

MAKE A FAN OUT OF EVERYONE of course there has to be someone slapping someone in telenovela, and it gets to be me being the slapper! in the first take, i actually slapped todd, oops!

VERY SPECIAL GIFT this one was dedicated to our parents 60th wedding anniversaries. with a special cameo appearance.

ACADEMY AWARD DRAMA CONTINUES seriously? the biggest news in the World for at least one week - Will Smith slapping Chris Rock, Academy Awards 2022.

what's fun is that strangers come up to us in restaurants, on the street, in a store and tell us they love our commercials - that we crack them up - that's what it's about, making people laugh. bringing a little joy to someone's day.

we get to make people smile with happiness when eating our homemade natural gourmet products - and if we can make them laugh on top of that, wow what a life.

have an idea you'd like us to publish for a commercial? let me know!

xo Kathleen Naomi