Lix Commercials (non-Telenovela)

Telenovela are our favorite commercials to perform - we also love making other genres

here's the link to our telenovela commercials

and our pro commercial

the following commercials were

written, directed, filmed and acted by me and my husband Todd.

simple, creative, fun


GONE WITH THE WIND oh how we love Carol Burnett's brilliant comedy creations. you can see it below in the photo we took for our Lix website, and we also made a commercial in honor of Ms. Burnett's humor. I remember seeing her 'Went With the Wind' skit for the very first time when i was a youngster and thought I would pee my pants laughing.

our first video outside with official mics and everything! we love you Carol! here's our very own 'Gone with the Wind' in honor of you...

TOKYO OLYMPICS i've always loved watching the motivating olympics. what these athletes do is amazing, connecting athletes around the world is inspiring. and my family is Japanese on my mother's side, so it was fun and special to create this commercial after the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

what's fun is that strangers come up to us in restaurants, on the street, in a store and tell us they love our commercials - that we crack them up and can't wait for the next one - that's what it's about, making people laugh. bringing a little joy to someone's day.

we get to make people smile with happiness when eating our homemade natural gourmet products - and if we can make them laugh on top of that, wow what a life.

xo Kathleen Naomi