Going on Stage for RISE Children's Shelter


on January 30, 2022

at 3pm CST

I (my character Larleen) will be performing 'live' on a talent show

for the RISE Children's Shelter in Puerto Vallarta

Revealing to the world for the very first time

Larleen's SPECIAL TOP SECRET talent

If you're not in Puerto Vallarta

You're still in luck

Watch online and donate to RISE

Larleen would love it!

The kids will appreciate it!

CLICK HERE - for the event

This is one of those times 'I WENT FOR IT'

without thinking

Because if I did think

I would never perform and put myself out there

I'm 57 years old after all,

Who am I to go on stage again

(after 18 years)

Who am I NOT to

It makes me feel alive

Plus this performance is for the KIDS

Kids who were abandoned, abused

Every time I think of who this is for

There're absolutely no doubts

For more information about the kids

Or to donate

Here's a link to the RISE Puerto Vallarta shelter


just do it

Do what makes you feel alive


just do it

Once you think, it's all over

your brain and logic get in the way

I risk sharing this live show

In the event that I totally flop

It's now out there

for all to see

Oh well, fuck it - it's time to not care what others think

PV Move Example

When Todd and I decided to move to Puerto Vallarta

We gave ourselves six months to prepare

During those six months

Our bodies were so fricken' excited we couldn't stand it

There were literally goose bumps on my soul

And oh yes, there were times before the move

That we had doubts

When we thought about it, used our BRAINS

Because if we thought logically -

financially, it probably wasn't the right decision

Were we Crazy?

We kept focusing on how EXCITED we both felt

We knew in our hearts that it was the right thing to do

Turns out, it was one of the Best decisions ever!

getting ready for the talent show

Here we go

I'm preparing

I'm practicing

Working out the kinks

Larleen's excited to reveal her top secret talent for the very first time

I'm excited

Sometimes leery

Mostly elated that I'm going for it

Here's the link to the event again,




What have you done lately without thinking,

xo Kathleen